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In the determination of the ministry of economic empowerment and job creation to function as a catalyst for the realization of the vision of His Excellency, the Executive governor of Ebonyi state, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi to graduate Ebonyi state from an economically backward state to one of the most economically developed states in Nigeria by the year 2019, the Ministry of Economic empowerment and job creation was created.


Ebonyi YOUWIN is an initiative of the ministry, aimed at identifying Ebonyians with viable business opportunities that can create jobs, training them and empowering them with grants to start off the business venture.

The program is aimed at turning Ebonyi State from a Civil-service powered State, to an industrialized state with thriving businesses. This is in line with the vision of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of the Ebonyi State, who has gone ahead to build the necessary infrastructure that will enable businesses to blossom in the State.

The programme is aimed at:

  1. Creating 325 direct jobs and an estimated 1,500 indirect jobs in Ebonyi State
  2. Improving the employment opportunities for women and youths in Ebonyi state
  3. Alleviating poverty in the rural areas of the state.
  4. Assisting the participants develop the acquired skills for self sustenance.
  5. Educating participants to appreciate the importance of payment of taxes to the government for increased internally generated revenues (IGR). The ministry believes that when people are empowered, they can then be in a better position to contribute to the economic development of the state through payment of taxes and other statutory levies to the Government.
  6. Assisting Ebonyi Youths engage in meaningful economic ventures that are necessary to discourage them from engaging in anti-social activities.
  7. It is a known fact that social crimes are on the increase among the youths due to idleness, poverty and hunger. The Ebonyi YouWin programme is expected to bring to bring the desired solution to the prevailing youth unemployment and its consequences.

Methodology and Approach

The program is divided into four stages which every participant must pass through. These include:The first stage

This stage will be ON-LINE DATA REGISTRATION OF THE WOULD BE AWARDEES of the scheme. The applicants would go to the program website to apply for participation in the program. It will be open for state indigenes of the thirteen local Government areas who wish to participate.

The second stage

This stage will be COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLAN SUBMISSION after which the marketing of the business plan starts, successful winners in the application will be invited for intensive business plan interview to bring out the best finalist and winners in the competition.

The third stage

The best finalist and award winners in the interview will be invited for a 2-day intensive business development training and after which an MOU will be assigned between the Ebonyi state Government and the Awardees for proper implementation of the scheme.

The awardees will win a grant depending on their business needs.

The final stage

The disbursed funds will be in three batches to the successful beneficiaries. The Ministry in partnership with SMEDAN will effectively monitor them and mentor them to ensure that the fund given to them is judiciously used for the set purpose. There is need for proper monitoring at this stage to avoid mismanagement of the fund and overall let down of the goal of the government in embarking on this scheme.

Eligibility and Coverage

  • The participants will be an indigene and citizen of Ebonyi state.
  • The participant aged between 18-45 years
  • Have a secondary education and above.
  • Have a proposed business idea that will operate in Ebonyi state and employ Ebonyi indigenes.

The business categories covered in this program include:

  1. Rice Cultivation , Processing and sales
  2. Palm oil production and processing
  3. Cassava processing
  4. Fishery and agriculture
  5. Livestock farming/feed mill
  6. Vegetation
  7. Yam production
  8. ICT
  9. Leather work

How to Apply

Application to the program is easy. These are the steps in the application process:

  1. Ensure you are eligible to apply by checking the eligibility page
  2. Go to any of the participating bank and pick an application scratch card
  3. Use the scratch card to register on this website
  4. Submit your business plan

If you are selected or rejected for any stage, you will be notified through Email and SMS.

Click here to apply


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