Apply for FLEDGE9 The conscious company accelerator

Fledge is an intense program of entrepreneurial education and mentorship, guiding entrepreneurs through the complex path from idea to revenues and profits.

Fledge9 is the ninth iteration of our award-winning accelerator program.We’re seeking the most impactful startups from around the world.  We’ve worked with 20 African startups from 8 countries, and are eager to help more from around the continent.

Fledge graduates include BURN Manufacturing, East Africa Fruit, GreenChar, Geossy, African Chicken, Obamastove, and more, who combined have raised millions of dollars of investments and use that capital to improve the lives of millions of Africans.

Each invitee receives $20,000 in cash as invited to 10 weeks of intense training, surrounded by a flood of experienced mentors and impact investors.

Follow the link below to apply

Details are on along with our online application.

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