Apply for Lagos Innovates for Tech Startups Support and Funding

What is Lagos Innovates?

Supporting the growth of Africa’s most exciting startup ecosystem.

LSETF and the Lagos State government are pleased to deploy Lagos Innovates, a set of programs aimed at making it easier to build a successful tech startup in Lagos.

Lagos Innovates is designed to help the very best founders and startups by facilitating access to four things: (1) high-quality workspaces and infrastructure, (2) learning, (3) early-stage investment capital and (4) investor and peer networks.

Programs are open to all innovation-driven enterprises that are less than three years old and based in Lagos.

More About Lagos Innovates

The first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, Lagos Innovates is a dedicated platform that refers to a set of programs that provide support for the exciting and fast-growing startup ecosystem in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos has a growing startup ecosystem and is a foremost startup hub in Nigeria, thus, Lagos Innovates role is to enable the growth and success of the Lagos ecosystem by providing tech-focused entrepreneurship with the access and support needed to scale and thrive. Lagos Innovates symbolizes the collective goal of the startup community and seeks to position Lagos as a pivotal startup hub.

Lagos Innovates offers a suite of tech startup-focused programs created for the highest potential entrepreneurs who want to build the next unicorn out of Lagos. Lagos Innovates is an audacious, determined move by the LSETF to support innovation, strengthen the tech startup funding pipeline and support a deepening of the ecosystem in Lagos State.

Today, Lagos Innovates is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa with the long term goal of being the hub for technological innovation and the home for tech-driven entrepreneurship in Africa. The core objectives of Lagos Innovates are to strengthen the health of the tech startup funding pipeline and support a deepening of the ecosystem in Lagos State.

Lagos Innovates is an initiative of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, LSETF.

For more information on Lagos innovate visit here

To apply for Lagos Innovate, click here.

Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, LSETF. For more on LSETF, click here.

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