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Wivela provides micro loans to communities led by women, and to high potential women businesses. Wivela preferably invest in industries related to education, farming,local production, manufacturing & wholesaling, logistics & distribution, agriculture, sustainable energy production and distribution, retail, skill development, societal services and some more.

We provide micro loans across the world. From July-August 2015 we will provide loans in the following countries: Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Chili, Colombia, Mexico. Many more will soon follow.

At Wivela ONE we made it our organizational goal to end global poverty and empower young women entrepreneurs in developing countries. We developed a new and innovative approach to solve both problems with one solution. We believe the best way to achieve our goal and see the change we hope to see across the world is through empowering individuals. We do not provides loans but possibilities and hope for a better future. This, through our training, tools and support provided to women, to help them work their way towards a sustainable future.

We provide loans up to $20.000 for women led initiatives

How to Apply

Application is done online at Wivela One website. Please visit


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