Black Founder Startup Grant ($10k Prize)

Black women founders are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs out of any throughout history. These founders are best equipped to solve some of the world’s largest unmet needs, and have a legacy of reinvesting in their communities and creating intergenerational wealth. However, Black women entrepreneurs are met with the greatest barriers to accessing capital.

SoGal Foundation has teamed up with Winky’s Center for Racial Equity and other sponsors to make a small step towards progress by providing several $10K and $5K cash grants to Black women entrepreneurs.

Awardees will also receive

  1. Tactical help navigating the fundraising environment at large so that they will have a more equitable opportunity at scaling the next billion dollar idea.
  2. They will also receive lifetime “ask-me-anything” access to the SoGal Foundation and SoGal Ventures teams. 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, you should:

– self-identify as a Black woman or Black nonbinary entrepreneur (inclusive of multiracial Black women and multiracial Black nonbinary folks)

– have a legally registered business

– plan to seek investor financing in order to scale, now or in the future

– have a scalable, high-impact solution or idea with the ambition to be the next billion dollar business.

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