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Getting Funds To Run Your Business Is Now Made Easier  with The 4-in-1 Business Development Kit 

Dear Entrepreneur, Raising Funds to Run Your Business Should not be hard if you have the right resources. no investor or Financial institution will listen to you without proper business documents. do you want to know what investors/banks  need from  you in order to fund your business? then read till the end.

Whether you admit it or not, money is to a  business, what oil is to the engine,  you should understand what I mean by now. Money is very important to every business and the difference between successful and failed businesses is MONEY.

Please don’t be deceived, it’s either, your business is making or it’s dying and as a business owner you should understand there are different ways to raise money to run a business.

 Outside of your family, friends, well wishers and maybe the government, the two most important funding sources for your business are  investors and financial institutions, i’m talking about banks.

 To persuade  investors or banks to give you money to run your business.

You need to have at least two or all of the following documents:

  • Detailed Business Plan
  • A good business proposal
  • A Pitch Deck
  • And company profile

 With these important resources, you don’t need to do too much talking, investors or banks can clearly see if your business is ready for funding and 90% of the time

Business owners with these documents end up raising funds because they tick the right buttons.

The 4in1 Business Funding Kit  consist of a Detailed Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Business Proposal & Company Profile to make it easy for you to raise funding from investors, commercial banks and even the Government.

 These four documents normally is always available at N70,000  but we are giving it away for just N10,000. That’s a whopping 85% discount and we don’t expect you to miss this offer if you are serious about growing your business

Here’s What You Will Get When You Order The 4 in 1 Business Funding Kit Today:

Solving a Problem becomes easier when you have access to  the right information

If you have been struggling to raise funds from investors and banks without much success, you need to stop and think about what you’ve been doing wrongly

And Guess what investors and banks before they fund businesses?

Its Detailed Documents that provides vital info about your business, including  and most importantly, how you make money, this is where most business owners fail.

The 4in1 BUSINESS DOCUMENTS BUNDLE contains all the docyments you need to convince any willing investor and financial institution to provide you with the needed funds to run your business.


Utibe Etim is the Founder and CEO of Etimate Global Services, a fully registered  Nigerian based company committed to helping small  business owners and solopreneurs raise funding  in order to grow and develop  their businesses with expertly developed detailed and investor ready business  plans, business proposals and pitch Deck.

He’s also an accomplished blogger with over 10 years solid experience with thousands of dollars in AdSense revenue.

He’s a former awardee of the Youwin program setup by ex president, Goodluck Jonathan to provide non refundable grants to SMEs and He’s now helping hundreds of Nigerians to be eligible foe the annual Tony Elumelu Foundation – TEF grants.

Utibe Etim

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