Energy Access Booster Call for Entrepreneurs Focusing on Energy Access in Africa ( $ 50,000 prize)

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Access to reliable, affordable and clean energy is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Reaching this goal means providing electricity to 1.0 billion people and clean cooking systems to 3.0 billion people worldwide by 2030. To help reach these objectives, Total, ENEA Consulting, SEforALL and Acumen are launching “Energy Access Booster” – a call for projects to support entrepreneurs in the field of energy access in Africa.

It concerns projects in the deployment stage focusing on one of the four following topics:

  • Green mini-grids
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Refrigeration 
(cooling or cold storage)
  • Energy for drinking water and agriculture

Eligibility criteria

The applicants must satisfy eligibility criteria for their applications to be considered and the partners will jointly select the successful applicants.

Eligibility criteria for applications

  • The project relates to one of the areas within the scope of the pilot call for projects Energy Access Booster:
    • Green mini-grids
    • Sustainable mobility
    • Refrigeration (cooling or cold storage)
    • Energy for drinking water and agriculture
  • The project is aligned with the SDG7 criteria of providing affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.
  • The project is carried out by a legally established entity (properly incorporated entity).
  • The project takes place in subsaharan Africa.
    Note that for consulting missions, only areas assessed as “normal vigilance” or “enhanced vigilance” by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs[1] at the time of the mission are eligible.
  • The applicant undertakes to pay the travel-related costs of the consultants acting under the skills-based sponsorship.
  • The applicant undertakes to comply with the collaboration rules for Total Energy Services support (and in particular to comply with the HSE and safety rules set out below and to report regularly to the steering committee):
    • the public policy provisions;
    • the standards, laws and regulations in force, in particular, those applicable in the countries where the project is performed;
    • industry best practices  and best practices of the trade;
    • the strictest safety standards with regard to the protection of person’s property.
  • The project requests both financial support and skills support.

Criteria for selection of the successful applicants

  • Relevant and sound project.
  • Innovative project from a technical, economic and/or business model point of view.
  • Ability of the partners to provide the requested support.
  • Need for support from several of the partners. Any applicant requesting financial support only, will automatically be excluded from the list of potential successful applicants.


Up to five selected entrepreneurs will benefit from a selection of the following support, depending of their needs and the support capacity of each partner: • A strategic advisory consulting mission

  • A financial contribution of maximum $ 50,000 per selected entrepreneur
  • Operational support and potentially local support
  • Visibility of the project
  • The selected entrepreneurs will receive support on topics including the identification of relevant and sustainable economic models, customer acquisition and retention, pilot project development, production organization, building adapted distribution models, scale-up to the national or international level, and financing.

How Apply:

If yo are interested in applying for this opportunity, kindly follow the link below to apply

Click here to apply for the Energy Access Booster Call for entrepreneurs.

Application Deadline: July 29th 2018

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