fate foundation Business Resilience Programme 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs

Fate Foundation Business Resilience Programme 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs (Funding Included)

The FATE Foundation has launched the Business Resilience Programme (BRP) for Women Entrepreneurs for 2023, with support from Google.org. This program is funded by Google.org’s “SSA Women Entrepreneurship Programme” and is part of a continent-wide program aimed at improving the digital and financial capability of female nano and micro business entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 55 in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Beneficiaries will receive basic financial literacy and business management knowledge, as well as digital literacy skills, growth support (including business registration, network, and community building), and micro-grant financing to underserved female-led businesses in Nigeria.

In particular, the BRP will assist female entrepreneurs with nano and micro businesses in two stages:

Stage 1:

– Self paced fully online 4 week program

– Access to Business Plan Developer Tool

Stage 2:

– Hybrid program led by experienced financial and digital literacy for entrepreneurs experts

– Business Registration Support

– Micro Grant support

Eligibility for Phase II will be dependent on completion of all Modules and requirements from Phase I.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum will cover teaching female entrepreneurs in Nigeria the following:

– Financial Management

– Business Plan Development

– Digital Marketing

– Accessing Funding

– Business Networks

– Confidence Building

Benefits of the Program

– Micro Grant financing to 200 participants

– Free Business Registration for 200 participants

– Free access to Foundation’s Business Plan Developer Tool

– Certificate of Completion

– Opportunity to be featured on FATE Foundation’s or the partners Social Media pages

Check here for list of latest monthly opportunities

Application Procedure

Deadline is 10th February 2023

The application will be in three (3) stages, and you are required to complete all three stages to be eligible for further processing.

Stage I:

Interested applicants must complete the application form here.

Stage II:

You will be onboarded onto our e-learn platform to complete the 4weeks virtual digital and financial literacy training session. This session is open to beneficiaries across the nation.

Stage III:

Candidates with timely completion of modules and graded points will be shortlisted for a 10-minute phone/video interview after which 40 applicants will be shortlisted for each stream held in Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Kwara and Abia state.

Through the support of Google.org, the programme is FREE to all female entrepreneurs running a nano or micro business who successfully scale through the three application stages. This scholarship support from Google.org covers all direct course fees including course materials, books, business formalization and microgrant support.

This is a State-by-State Hybrid training, and it is expected that each entrepreneur enrolled in the programme must be resident in the location/city where you have applied for the programme. This will also be verified during the shortlisting/selection process.

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