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As a Small Business Owner or Freelancer, how do you go about it when a client calls you send in your invoice to get paid? Do you have to pull-out that chunky piece of paper you call invoice or do you have to respond that you don’t have an invoice?

The quality of your invoice depicts your brands and goes a long way in convincing your clients why they should keep doing business with you. It is important that you give your business a branding that speaks for itself anytime, anywhere and that is exactly what Invoice NG offers all businesses across Nigeria.

What is Invoice NG?

Invoice NG is a convenient and easy way to bill clients online and get paid faster. The innovative invoicing solution makes it extremely easy to manage your business financials running a business at the same time getting much easier and fun than ever.

Invoice provides an automated way to streamline your business workflow. The tool is designed to help you save time and get paid faster. Invoices go right to client inboxes and you know when every invoice is viewed and the system generates automatic receipts for payment. Invoice will make you stand out for stellar service when it comes to billing communications with your clients.

Key Features:

Invoice is packed with features that are designed to make your life easier. Here’s a look at what Invoice can do for you:

  • Send Online Invoice: Do you need to get paid for a product or service? Create professional and customised invoice and send to client in seconds.
  • Send Payment Receipt: Have you been paid for a product or service? You can easily send a payment receipt accompanied with a thank you message.
  • Recieve Online Payments: Easily accept online payment using MasterCard, Visa or Verve debit cards. No delay, payments get disbursed into your bank account instantly.
  • Track Invoice & Payments: Record payments received against your invoices. Payments are recorded automatically when your customers pay online.
  • Automated Reminders: Haven’t received payment yet? No need to worry. Send friendly payment reminders to your customers and get paid faster.
  • Instant Bank Reconciliation: No need for waiting. Connect to your bank account details straight to Invoice for instant payment settlement of transactions.
  • Recurring Invoice Billing: Need to send out invoices on a regular basis? Invoice makes it easy to schedule your invoices on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Print & Download on demand: Need a physical copy? Invoices can be printed or downloaded as PDF. Drop them in the mail or bring them to the jobsite.
  • API Integrations (Coming Soon): Integrate Invoice with your website. Our developer friendly API allows you to integrate your website and other products with ease.


Whether you are a full-scale business with tens of employees or a solo-freelancer, Invoice is completely FREE to use. You can send unlimited invoices to unlimited customers with paying a cent.


The benefits of using an online invoicing solution for a small business really outweighs the cost of deploying one. Using a tool like helps improve productivity of business processes and reduces the man hours in sending manual invoices.

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