How to Get On Etisalat Easy Business Package

The Easy Business prepaid package is a package designed to cater for Small and Medium Enterprises with a minimum of 3 staff. It is designed to make communication very cheap especially within your group. It comprises three variants- Premium, Complete and Compact-which are bundled with free minutes and SMS monthly within a selected Closed User Group (CUG) and a national call rate of 25k/sec to all networks in Nigeria as well as five international destinations (US, UK landline, China, India & Canada) at 20k/sec.

easybusinessIt is available to both new subscribers and existing prepaid customers (who can migrate into the product).

To enjoy the CUG offerings, all an SME needs to do is purchase a minimum of 3 Easy Business lines and pay the monthly fee that applies to the variant the subscriber prefers to be on. Subscribers in the same CUG group will be able to transfer, purchase and share these CUG offerings between themselves as well as invite other Easy Business subscribers to join their CUG group. However, if the subscriber fails to pay the upfront monthly fee, he will forfeit his monthly free minutes, sms and data; and a default tariff of 50k/sec to all networks will apply.

The Easy Business package also has other unique features which include:

VIP caller service – A free service which allows you restrict specific numbers from reaching your mobile line. This feature comprises of two unique lists, the White List & the Black List. The white list service allows you receive calls only from people in a pre-selected group while the black list service allows you receive calls from everyone except the pre-selected black list group; when you blacklist a number, it will not be able to reach you.

Credit transfer – This service allows you transfer airtime from your phone to other Etisalat lines

Recharge others –This service allows you to recharge other Etisalat lines from your Etisalat Easy Business line

Easy Business is tailored to fit your business and busy lifestyles and provide huge savings on your communication cost. Get on board and enjoy this exciting offer from Etisalat.


How to Get on Easy Business?

You can either join as a new subscriber by purchasing a minimum of 3 Easy Business lines from our experience centers, or as an existing prepaid customer by migrating a minimum of 3 prepaid lines to the Easy Business product.

How Can Existing Prepaid Subscribers Migrate to Easy Business?

Migration to easy business is only from existing prepaid subscribers – Easy Cliq, Easy starter and SME prepaid to any of the variants and is via a migration code. A fee will be charged for migration and the subscriber must have enough credit to pay for the monthly fee of that variant before migration is successful.

*246*4*1# to migrate to easybusiness premium costs N1000

*246*4*2# to migrate to easybusiness complete costs N1000

*246*4*3# to migrate to easybusiness compact cost N500


Easy Business Pricing


Easy Business Prepaid Call Rates 
Minimum Number of CUG lines



Premium Monthly Fee



Complete Monthly Fee



Compact Monthly Fee



Calls with monthly payments
to all networks (off-net/on-net)


Kobo /sec

Call rate to all networks if monthly commitment is not met.



voice rate to US, Canada, China, India and UK (Landlines)


Kobo /sec

SMS to users on the Etisalat network


NGN /message

SMS to users on all other networks


NGN /message

SMS to users on International Operators


NGN /message




NGN / message
Browsing on Etisalat’s Mobile Portal




Other data services


NGN / kb


International calls
Zone 1


NGN / second


Zone 2


NGN / second


Zone 3


NGN / second


Zone 4


NGN / second


Zone 5


NGN / second



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