Karyous Business Opportunity

Karyous (Karyous.com) is a web based application that aims to bring brands and businesses closer to their final consumers by giving the consumers a voice to state and review the quality of services they have received and probably suggest how they feel. We give brands the opportunity to know exactly how their customers feel about their products in real time and address it before they start to lose customers and revenue. You know some customers complain with their mouths, others do it with their feet

We are giving a few individuals the chance to be a part of our Social Media Influencers Network- which we have tagged G500- a service where 500 youths active on social media become a part of our team and help accentuate the voice of other reviewers, get trained in the areas of business development and work with other people to spread the Karyous brand. The first set flags off in Abuja this August 15, 2015.

In order to be eligible, the individual must be:

  1. A resident of Abuja, Nigeria
  2. Active on social media
  3. Between the ages of 18-23

Our Influencers will among other things benefit

  1. Trainings and opportunities to meet other youths with like minds and passions
  2. Flight tickets to selected destinations
  3. Shopping vouchers at selected merchants
  4. Internet data
  5. Monetary rewards through the Influencer Reward Programme

Interested applicants should visit www.karyous.com/G500 to register. Registration closes on August 10, 2015. For more information here are our contact details. Info@Karyous.com .

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