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Just wanted to give you a heads-up that my long awaited ultimate guide to youwin award business plan success is ready and also intimate you of the latest development on YouWIN 3. You can download the free report here.

Download the report, it is free and please after accessing the report, you need to take action and learn from expert.


I know you are worried about the date YouWIN 3 business plan will commence. A lot has being going behind the scene. If you have being following YouWIN religiously, you know that the launching and business plan submission for YouWIN 3 was billed to commence on first week of August 2013, however, that wasn’t possible due to some logistics. I must tell you that a lot has happened and YouWIN is working tirelessly to ensure that YouWIN 3 business plan submission commence soonest.

The issue here is that it would be very difficult for the secretariat to manage 3 sets of awardees at the same time considering the logistics this will require and it can be messy if not properly handled. Therefore, the secretariat agrees that they must finish with YouWIN 1, pay YouWIN 2 their 2nd tranche before commencing YouWIN 3 so that the load will not be too much for them to carry. Don’t forget government process is always bureaucratic and in Nigeria it can be excessive.

YouWIN1 was billed to end by July and YouWIN secretariat duly informed all YouWIN 1 awardees that anyone that did not receive his/her remaining tranche(s) will have to forfeit it. While some awardees that met their targets and approved by all the monitors in time were able to receive their entire fund before the July deadline. But those that never met their targets and would have to forfeit their remaining funds were so much that we sent delegates to YouWIN secretariat for them to extend the deadline to August and it was assented to. In spite of this, many have not still been approved because they have not met their targets given to them by YouWIN and the secretariat has given them the last chance by sending monitors to work with them and see how they can be approved. The mail was sent out last week. I have received my last tranche so I don’t have issue with that.

Also some of the YouWIN 2 awardees or almost all have received their first tranche and are awaiting the 2nd tranche. All my mentees in the last edition (YouWIN 4 women) have received except one.

The question most of you will be asking is that, will the secretariat wait for YouWIN 1 or YouWIN 2 to receive their 2nd tranche before they commence YouWIN 3? The answer to that question is no. Since those that are remaining is just few, I believe YouWIN 3 will soon commence and I believe it will commence by October, maybe first week of October.

Trust me, like I always do, I will keep you posted the moment the online platform is opened for business plan submission and I will assist you in any way I can. Let’s keep our fingers across.

In spite all of these delays, I want to urge you potential awardees not to give up and seize this opportunity to prepare ahead. Your ability to make it will largely be determined by the quality of preparedness both in terms of mind-set and physically including quality research.

“My people are perished for lack of knowledge” I enjoined you all willing to take part in YouWIN 3 to seek knowledge and prepare because it won’t be an easy task. You will be competing against dragons in business plan writing and remember that the interest is much now compare to YouWIN 1 and YouWIN 2 as many doubters now believe in YouWIN and this administration honest interest and drive to create employment opportunities through youth empowerment.

You can download my free report and guide on writing award winning business plan for YouWIN here

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    1. The issue of fund set aside being diverted is not through because the fund is with CBN and only disburse to awardees through verified account and through partnered bank. That is not true. YouWIN pay by batches and they need to exercise patient.

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