NITDA NYSC ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

NITDA NYSC ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is part of the NITDA Multi-year ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs that is targeted at NYSC corp members, amongst other youth groups.

The NYSC ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is to stimulate, engage, develop and support Nigerian corp members that have unique innovative ICT solution or products or ICT-driven business ideas (addressing specific socio-economic challenges) that can be turned into viable ICT businesses within one to two years.

Business registration

Through an online form, we will receive pitches from interested corp members. The submitted ideas or ICT solutions will be adjudicated by an evaluation committee comprising of NITDA OIIE, NYSC, ICT incubation managers (iDEA Hub, Co-Creation Hub, SASWare), investors and industry associations (ISPON and NCS).

Successful corper startups will be engaged after their service year for incubation or acceleration. NITDA OIIE will bankroll the business incubation cost, securing their placements in some of the successful ICT incubators and accelerators in the country.

How to participate

Click here to submit a pitch on your ICT idea or ICT solution or ICT-driven business

Corp members interested in submitting their idea for this program do not necessarily have to be a computer programmer or engineer. It is for any corp member with a unique or innovative or interesting business idea or product that can be driven by ICT.


This competition requires business plan, contact us to develop your business plan for you. Call 07031542324



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