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The Opportunity is Here Again- 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship

yaliIn April 2010, President Barak Obama launched what is today known as Young Africa Leadership Initiative, where he encourages young Africa between the 25-35 to come to the United State and develop their leadership initiatives….. The programme known as Nelson Mandela Fellowship has 45 Nigerians as part of those who made it through. 0f 500 African selected it were careful selections that bring-out this brilliant Africans who went to America to explore the need to enhance the leadership skills….. Listen to what Mrs Maria Brewer Chargé d’Affaires of US Embassy in Nigeria said while addressing news men in Abuja recently

Brewer said that the initiative, which was a Washington fellowship for young African leaders, was initiated in 2010 by Obama.

“This is the first year for YALI itself; there was a president’s forum for young Africans that President Obama initiated in 2010.

“This is the outgrowth of that and as the US government, we are exploring how to take that initial action and turn it into something that is programmatic and will continue,” Brewer said.

She said that more than 49,000 applications from the continent were received in Washington D.C. for the 500 fellowships that were to be given out.

Brewer added that 15,000 applications came from Nigerians and 45 of the applicants were eligible for the fellowship, adding that the applicants were drawn from all over the country.

The Chargé d’Affaires said, “Participation of the young fellows in the fellowship was an opportunity to realise the aims of the programme.

“The US coursework and training is only the beginning of our long-term investment in these young leaders.

“Fellows will have opportunity for networking, ongoing professional development, seed funding and community service.

“In addition, the fellows will have access to dedicated funding opportunities to support their ideas, businesses and organisations.”

According to her, $5m in small grants will be awarded in the first three years by the US African Development Foundation to Washington Fellows seeking to start or enhance their own businesses or social enterprises.

She said that participants had to be between 25 to 35 years to be eligible to apply for the programme.


Hey….. 15,000 applicants from Nigeria out of 49,000 total applicants of course are scaring right? And 45 out huge 15,000 where finally selected it means if you said is keenly contestable you might be making a mistake…. But rather it is a supersonic contest….. That means the best out of the best will finally scale through for a fellowship programme in the united State… this time are around you never can tell whose will be next to make to the US. Let me tell you, it is not all about I have what it take to scale through it is all about having the right tactics to package your resume and questions they will ask to surpass other applicants. The secret behind the winning is nothing but a little difference.


Because of our penchants to develop and grow with our numerable clients and subscribers, after intent research on the following:

What did the successful 500 applicant do others could not do?

What is the simple commonness they attached to their resumes and applications which the unsuccessive one could not do

Do they really bribe their way to scale through…?

What are the things they have other did not have i: e what gave them an edge over others

Finally what is behind their winning (The Secret?)



After close study of all this indicators as aforementioned above, we have discovered the winning secret, which can only be hatchet by few people: who will be interested in working with us to achieve their dream of going into the United State for a leadership fellowship programme and further attain their dream of impacting and contributes their quota to the society. Of course, any moment from now the programme will kick-off while we wait the kicking of the programme it is advisable to get the following requirements ready

  1. Check the eligibility requirements and make sure you meet the qualifications.
  2. Study the criteria for selection. Think through how to best present your experience and qualifications in those areas.
  3. Review all the requirements for the application, and make a list of what you need and update your personal materials.
  4. Update your resume and have a teacher or a professional associate review it.
  5. Ask for letters of recommendation from your supervisor or university professor.
  6. Read the stories from the 2014 fellows and learn how they prepared for the application. You can see them at

On these premises

Here are a few tips to help you prepare the information you will need for the required format of the Mandela Washington Fellowship resume:

  • Professional Experience: What professional experiences have you had? Make a list of paid or volunteer positions and summarize your work in these positions to give an instant picture of the breadth of your work or volunteer background.
  • Education: Have you received any type of formal education beyond secondary school? If so, make a list of the education and training you received from established universities, colleges or trade schools. Include the dates you attended these schools, what you studied, and what degrees or certificates you earned.
  • Professional Training: Did you receive professional training outside of an established educational institution? Name up to five relevant professional certifications and/or training courses you completed, including the type of training or the name of the certification and the city and country where the training occurred.
  • Community and Volunteer Work: In addition to your professional experience, do you perform unpaid work in your community? Make a list of your volunteer activities with local charities or NGOs and summarize your work with these organizations.
  • Honours and Awards: Have you been recognized for your efforts in something that you have done? List what honours or awards you have received, from which organizations, and for what type of work.
  • Professional Skills: Think about the skills you have acquired over time. What languages do you speak? Are you proficient in computer and software skills?

But, sometime is not all about having the requirements above that matters, but how to use it for the benefit of these programme….. Of all you have, which of them is essential to this programme and posit it give you an edge

What are the other things you need to do to break even that others will not do (remember is not just about excellence now is all about being smart and accurate usage of your resources is all that matters)

Do you have enough information to back areas of your interest and how will you source it ( it is all about facts and figures sometime)

Do you want to work with our team on the formidability strategies we are piling up to attain maximise result this time around

 You can contact me on 07031542324 or BBM: 275E28F6


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