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    Get a standard bakery business plan with 3 years financial analysis to secure funds for your business.

    We have expertly developed an outstanding bakery business plan with all the financial analysis that includes but not limited to startup/expansion budget, payroll analysis, income statements, balance sheets, cashflow, sales projections, operating expenses, swot analysis, breakeven analysis.

    Whether you are a new business or an existing business looking for funds to scale your business up, you definitely need a business plan and this standard business plan on bakery would help you to save time and cost.

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    Get a Professional Catfish Farming Business Plan to Source for Funds

    Are you enthusiastic about starting a catfish farming business or have you started your catfish farming business? Do you need a sample catfish farming business plan or professional catfish farming business plan to use for your business or for a loan? Then you are in the right place at the right time.

    There is so much money to be made in aquaculture (Tilapia fish farming, catfish farming, shrimp, prawn and lobster breeding); if done right. Catfish is one of the businesses you get a high return on investment within a short period of time if done well.

    Catfish farming is a lucrative form of fish farming business. I have work with many catfish farmers that are smiling to the bank.


    Pay online now and download this business plan with 3 years financial analysis immediately

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    15,000.00 10,000.00
  • We have expertly developed a business plan on grasscutter business with a 3-year financial analysis for you to use and access funds for your business.

    Grasscutter meat is very common in Nigeria and Africa and grasscutter farming is cheap as well compared to other farming businesses. Grasscutter farming is a business that does not require millions of naira to start and you don’t a lot of resources and equipment to start. With a budget less N100,000, anyone can start the business. They are reared in cages, and you can get the cage done by yourself or by a carpenter.

    You can do the business on a big scale or small scale. If you are planning on working on large-scale grasscutter farming and you need funds, we have prepared a business plan for you to use and source for funds for your business.

    We now have a standard grasscutter business plan with 3 years financial analysis.

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    We have developed a standard business plan for cassava processing into various products including garri, flour, starch etc. The cassava processing business is developed to help entrepreneur raise funds from investors, apply for a bank loan or grant.
    The business plan would help you save time, money and energy.

    Nigeria is the highest cassava producer in the world, producing a third more than Brazil and almost double the production capacity of Thailand and Indonesia. She currently produces about 42 million metric tonnes (MT) per annum; a figure expected to double by 2020. Although the world leader in cassava production, Nigeria is not an active participant in cassava trade in the international markets because most of her cassava is targeted at the domestic food market. Her production methods are primarily subsistence in nature and therefore unable to support industrial level demands.

    That is why recent and past governments came up with policies to encourage commercial cassava production and processing for both local and international market.


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  • If you are into concrete block/brick molding business or you want to venture into the business and you need a business plan to present to an investor or to a bank or for personal use, we have expertly and professionally developed a standard concrete block molding business plan with 3 years financial analysis for you.

    The business plan is developed to help you save money, time, and energy. Why waste time and energy to write a business plan that will take a couple of months to complete yet you won’t still get it right? Why not get our already developed standard concrete block molding business plan with a 3-year financial analysis and make some minor changes to suit your needs?

    When you get our block manufacturing business plan with 3 years analysis, what you need to do is to change the name, contact details, company details, founder’s details, and other info to suit your need and present it to anyone (bank, investor, grant competition, etc).

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    Goat Farming Business is of the livestock businesses that is a profitable business idea. In Nigeria, Goat meat is in high demand around the year. Goat farming doesn’t require much to get started and is very common in all the states in Nigeria especially in the northern part of Nigeria. Goat farming business is one of the businesses you can start on a small scale.

    There are different types of goat and breeds and you need to select the type that suit you to start with.

    Some Common Goat Breeds in Nigeria and West Africa include:

    • Sahelian Goats
    • Maradi or Red Sokoto
    • West African Dwarfs
    • Pygmy Goats
    • Anglo-Nubian
    • Toggenburg
    • Saanen
    • Alpine
    • Jamnapari
    • Boer
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    Starting and running a bottled/sachet water company is very lucrative business in Nigeria and you can start with a starting-capital of 1.5 Million Naira for a small size company or above 10 Million Naira for a bigger capacity.

    Though many successful pure water or bottled water companies have been started without the formal business plan, however, the important of well research and written business plan cannot be overemphasized. It can be an essential factor in starting and growing of your pure or sachet water and bottled water business and also serves has road map to your destination. If one of your aims is to obtain loan from the bank or any financial institution or from investors, our sachet and bottled water business plan is what you need to obtain that fund. Our pure water or bottled water business plan sells your company to the world and potential investor and also gives you direction to position your business strategically.

    From the table of contents to the financial tables, Our business plan covers the grey areas. How can you make your executive summary stand out? How much detail is appropriate when outlining your marketing strategy? What is the best way to present the financial projections? We touch all the major parts and professionally formatted the sachet water business plan the way it should be.

    Pay online and download the business plan now.

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    Are you looking a business plan on liquid soap and detergent business plan?

    Have you been trying to create one and you are finding difficult?

    Well, we have developed a standard business plan on a liquid soap with 3 years financial analysis.

    Soap making business is one the money-spinning small-scale business you can easily get started with a small capital and make money on the daily basis. With a budget of N20,000, you can start the business on a small scale and scale it up as you grow.

    It’s one of the businesses you can easily get started working from home and you can focus on making liquid soap for washing dishes, cars, clothes among others.

    All that you need are the raw materials, plastic containers for packaging, a container for mixing the chemical together and a turning stick.

    Pay online and download immediately

    15,000.00 10,000.00
  • We have expertly developed a tomato farming and processing business plan for you to use it to access funds for your business.

    Tomato farming and processing are one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria as tomato is an important component of the daily diet, consumed both fresh and in paste form.

    Fresh tomato is referred to as a fruit while others referred to it as a vegetable and it’s very common in Nigeria and the world as a whole. Tomato as a vegetable fruit is a major food component, an ingredient utilized by every household, and constitutes the national food security programme of the Federal Government.

    Nigeria is the 14th largest producer of tomatoes in the world and second in Africa after Egypt with about 1.8 million metric tonnes, which she produces annually. Nigeria with a population of about 200 million people has over 48 million tomato farmers across the country and the majority of tomato farmers are from the northern part of Nigeria, the interesting fact is that Nigeria accounts for 65 percent of tomatoes produced in West Africa.

    Despite accounting for 65 percent of tomatoes produced in West Africa, Nigeria is also the largest importer of tomato paste in the world, importing an average of 150,000 metric tons of concentrate per annum, which is valued at $170m. In 2012, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), under Malam Lamido Sanusi, expressed worry about the N11.7billion the country was spending then to import 65,809 metric tons of processed tomato paste.

    Nigeria’s current demand for fresh tomato fruits stands at about 2.45 million metric tons annually, while it produces about 1.8 million metric tons. Nigeria now imports 150,000 metric tons of concentrate per annum as against the 65,809 metric tons it did five years ago.

    Looking at the statistic above, it shows that there is a huge demand for tomato and every serious-minded entrepreneur should venture into tomato farming and processing as soon as possible

    The high demand for tomato has made tomato farming and processing business one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Focusing on tomato farming alone can help you make a fortune especially when using the latest technology and modern ways of growing tomato. Unlike the conventional method of using an open land that can be seasonal, using a greenhouse to grow improved varieties of tomato will help you to yield more, reduce input and cost, and maximize profit. It can be done all year round.

    In 2016 when bacterial blight disease affected tomato farmers in the north which led to the scarcity of tomatoes nationwide, Nigerians knew how important and lucrative tomato farming is and many that have ventured into the business using modern technology are smiling to the bank.

    Tomato can be grown anywhere in Nigeria as long as you have healthy soil and availability of water. In Nigeria, there are states that are well-known for growing tomatoes. They are;

    • Bauchi State
    • Taraba State
    • Gombe State
    • Kano State
    • Zamfara State
    • Jigawa State
    • Sokoto State
    • Katsina State
    • Kaduna State

    We have developed a standard tomato farming and processing business plan with 3 years financial analysis for you to use to raise funds or for personal use.