Swedish Ai fund for African startups

Swedish AI Fund (SAIF)For Early Stage African Startups

SAIF is an NGO with the purpose of providing financial aid, grants, and scholarships globally to those who are working, researching, and/or involved in the AI industry towards equality, safety, and security in the field of AI.

SAIF brings together a number of public and private entities to achieve this goal. SAIF will invest 100 million Swedish Krona (about €10 million) globally in 2022. SAIF is rapidly growing to include more countries. SAIF operates in eight countries at the moment: Israel, Sweden, Albania, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, Georgia, and North Macedonia. The AI Media Group, along with launch partners AWS, Nvidia, Telkom, Embassy of Switzerland SA, Zindi, Cirrus AI, and AiCE Kenya, is the major launch partner for SAIF in Africa. Candidate African AI businesses are now invited to apply.


The SAIF network partners give non-equity micro-seed grants in various forms in limited quantities for specific purposes (usually Euro 10k – Euro 15k). The Swedish AI Fund’s board of trustees decides on the amount and how to make the fund available to a certain group of organizations, institutions, and universities each year. The total amount of money available in this Africa call is Euro 96,000.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for financing from SAIF, you must apply through one of SAIF’s official partners, which in this case is The AI Media Group for the initial Africa funding request. We are looking to invest in pre-seed stage startups situated in Africa who have developed AI-based solutions and services.

Application Process

Application Deadline – April 30th 2022

Fill an online form to start applying

For more details, you can visit official website

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