The Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) Fellowship Program 2018 for Young Leaders ( $CAD 4,000 & Funded to Toronto, Canada)

Powered by a passionate and committed national network, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) delivers programs and special projects that inspire inclusion, create opportunities to connect, and encourage active citizenship.

The ICC Fellowship provides a special opportunity for young leaders from around the world to make a change in their own community through the creation and implementation of projects on inclusion and citizenship. Launched in 2016 as the 6 Degrees Junior Fellowship, we have welcomed 22 fellows from 11 different countries into the program. These outstanding young people were chosen based on their dedication to fostering inclusion and building citizenship in their respective communities.

The newly renamed ICC Fellowship will run from September 2018 to May 2019. Select ICC Fellows will be invited to attend 6 Degrees Toronto in September 2019, based on their performance during the fellowship period.


2018 Theme: Technology and Citizenship

Technology is radically transforming how we understand citizenship and belonging. Technology has changed how we interact, communicate, and work with each other. It has changed how communities function, and even the notion of community itself.

This year’s fellowship will centre on the intersection of technology and citizenship. What is the impact of technology on the ideas and practices surrounding citizenship and belonging? How has technology changed what it means to be a citizen? Has technology been a force for, or against, active citizenship? Are there ways we can better employ and harness technology to promote more inclusive societies?

ICC Fellows will create and implement projects to help the ICC to shed insight on these questions, and advance the future of technology and citizenship.


  • The ICC Fellowship program is designed to support young leaders and is therefore open only to individuals under the age of 30 (born on or after September 24, 1988). As part of our commitment to inclusion, the ICC encourages applicants from all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, sexes, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and marital statuses.
  • The ICC welcomes applicants working on inclusion and citizenship from all backgrounds and fields, including active community members, artists, academics, policymakers, educators, and corporate professionals.


Each ICC Fellow will be required to:

    • Design, implement, and execute a project that advances inclusion and relates to the theme of “Technology and Citizenship”;
    • Attend ICC Fellowship and 6 Degrees events in Toronto from September 23 to 26, 2018;
    • Be an active member of the ICC community, participating in ICC events, and offering project support when possible;
    • Serve as ICC ambassadors in championing inclusion and active citizenship.
    • Participate in regular check-ins with ICC staff about the status of their project; and
    • Submit a final summary report on their project, detailing the results and impact.



  • The ICC Fellowship provides young leaders the opportunity to connect with a larger network of individuals who are working to foster inclusive societies and promote active citizenship globally. It provides them with resources and support to run a project in their own communities.
  • Each ICC Fellow will receive a $4,000 (Canadian dollars) grant to support their project dedicated toward inclusion.
  • ICC Fellows will also participate in ICC Fellowship and 6 Degrees events in Toronto from September 23 to 26, 2018. (All travel and accommodation costs will be covered. ICC regret ICC is unable to cover other travel-related expenses, such as fees for passports and visas.)
  • ICC Fellows will also develop their leadership capacity in an environment that welcomes risk-taking, vulnerability, and innovation, and build their global professional network with peers who share their dedication to building inclusive societies and promoting active citizenship.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly follow the link below to apply

Click here to apply for the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) Fellowship Program

Application Deadline: Monday, July 30, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00).


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