Unity Global Graduate Fellowship Program 2017 for researchers ($30,000 grant for 6 months)

The 2017 Unity Global Graduate Fellowship Program aims at identifying and supporting graduate researchers working on cutting edge research, and specific research challenges, that we have identified as required to advancing the next generation 3D interactive entertainment content authoring.

Unity have identified deep learning as one of the research areas that is changing the game development content authoring pipelines. Unity’s next generation of content creation tools and workflows incorporate machine learning to improve the Unity editor usability, and developer/ artist game development workflow(s).

Unity are soliciting applications from individual graduate researchers interested to address these next generation research challenges in reinforcement learning and deep learning generative nets for games.

In evaluating each application, the selection committee weighs three factors:

  • The sample demo/ project submitted
  • The student’s experience
  • The extent the fellowship will contribute to advancing their research or career in games

Award details

  • $30,000 grant for 6 months
  • Visit SF headquarters to present your research

deadline for application September 9th 2017

you can follow the links below for more understanding




Visit the Official Webpage of the 2017 Unity Global Graduate Fellowship Program

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