UtibeEtim.com Dominated as Top Entrepreneur Blog to Follow in 2013

Utibe Etim Blog

My blog was dominated among the top 100 entrepreneur blog to follow. www.UtibeEtim.com is number 43 among 100 rated sites. Check out the infographic below:
Top 100 Entrepreneur blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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  1. Hi good to meet you ,nyc. Entrepreneur blog thou you have to work more on it,am a young youwin applicant ,done the registration but being trying to fill the form where you write your business plan but can’t find it ,don’t know if you know if its out,and I would reli want you to assist me in writn my business plan .thanks.

  2. Hi,My friend and I are entering the you win 3 competition,but we are finding it difficult to provide sound answers for the you win questions we have gathered so far. Our business plan is on either RealEstate/book club/Accounting. Pls can you be of any help.please.Thanks.Awaiting your reply ASAP.

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