Village Capital Fintech Africa Program 2016 Fintech Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Village Capital, The MasterCard Foundation, and the DOEN Foundation are seeking to identify and support the next generation of fintech entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. These entrepreneurs are innovating in financial technology to increase financial health and improve livelihoods for low-income populations. Examples of this type of initiative include:

  • Increasing the access, relevance, and affordability of savings, credit, payments, and insurance products through leveraging data analytics, blockchain technology, and digital identity verification;
  • Increasing efficiency in supply chains and distribution channels across sectors through better market access, increased price transparency, increased connections to new suppliers, and access to other decision-driving market information; and/or
  • Enhancing livelihoods of low-income small business owners through tools for value-chain tracking, smart logistics, business insurance, working-capital loans, and financial management tools to better handle risk and volatility.

 Program Dates:

Business registration
  • Workshop 1: December 6-9
  • Workshop 2:  January 24-27
  • Workshop 3: February 21-24

Application Procedure:

  • Applications close September 20th.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and those that apply earlier will have greater chances of being selected.

For More Information:

Click here to apply

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