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Utibe Etim
Utibe Etim

My name is Utibe Etim, founder of Etimate Global Services. a Lagos based IT firm. I’m one of the pioneer YouWIN awardees. In 2011 when I saw the advert I did not believe in YouWIN because I have seen many laudable initiate like YouWIN do not benefits the poor but I say let me give it a try and that trial changed my life for good. Since then, I have been training, mentoring and providing supporst to applicants and awardees using my site www.utibeetim.com. In YouWIN! 3 I was able to support and raise well over 30 awardees and this year I want to raise more. I published an ebook, posted tutorials and tips and trained YouWIN3 applicants last year that many won. I have worked with diverse business ideas, attended YouWIN meetings, events and bootcamps and learned a lot. This year am producing videos that will give you awesome experience.

I won in 2012 beating over 25 thousands that applied to become one of the 1200 final awardee of Federal Government Youth Empower grant programme called YouWIN. No wonder in 2012 those of my colleagues that did not make it referred their families and friends to me for me to show them the SECRETS and PROVEN TECHNIQUES I applied in beating other professionals.

Since 2012 I have been writing business plan not just for YouWIN alone, traing, reviewing and mentoring applicants and awardees that are today millions of Naira richer.

I mentored people that have won Shell 2014 SNEPCo LiveWIRE Nigeria Programme, Diamond Bank Building Entrepreneurs Today just to mention a few.


This me at Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja 2012 during the YouWIN 1 validation and agreement signing for disbursement of the fund

Utibe Etim YouWIN Validation
Utibe Etim during validation, agreement signing and fund disbursement @ Federal Ministry of Finance, Abuja

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How to Write Attention Grabbing YouWIN Business Plan that Create C-Factor, Position You as an expert in your field and blowaway anyone that will review or mark your business Plan Even if You Have Applied for YouWIN before and failed

  • How to write attention grabbing business plan that would blow anyone that would review or mark your business plan away
  • Discover technical errors many applicants make that kill their chances of winning
  • More than 2 answers to some questions that you can just copy and use for your business plan.
  • I will share with you my most valuable experience, secrets and powerful tips
  • How to prove to YouWIN! that you are technically sound and well-grounded in your sector and make your business plan inevitable by presenting facts and figures that are precised and concise
  • You discover why many ideas will never scale through the first round or even win
  • I will virtually expose you to tactics, techniques and secrets you would use to win the heart of anyone that would mark or review your business plan
  • I will expose you to things you must know and do to win YouWIN! Grant
  • I will work with you, analyse your idea and points out mistakes.
  • I will practically hand you over my most powerful blueprint containing my best techniques and top secrets.
  • How to write award winning business plan that guaranteed N10m!
  • The most important thing you should do if you want to be a WINNER,
  • Discover the secrets that I have used that guaranteed success for me and my clients.





john-ukahJohn Ukah,
Delta State
YouWIN! 3 Awardee
Garri Processing

My name is John Ukah, I’m one of the YouWIN! 3 awardee and I won with Cassava to Garri processing business idea. I applied for YOUWIN! 1 in 2011 and I did not make it, in YouWIN 2 I was ineligible to apply because it was meant for female. Before the commencement of YouWIN 3, I was searching for how to write a good business plan and win YouWIN 3 using Google, it was there I discovered him on his site www.UtibeEtim.com. I contacted him and he told me not to worry I should wait until YouWIN3 commences. When YouWIN3 application was opened, He released his ebook “YouWIN! Success Guide” and I bought and study it. I did my work and he helped me to review. I was so happy when I was shortlisted for the 2nd stage. In the 2nd stage I discovered it wasn’t a child’s play and I needed to be mentored, I travelled all the way from Delta to Lagos where I met him for the first time in his office and we work for 3day and I submitted my business plan. My decision to meet an expert like Utibe Etim was a right step in the right direction as I was selected for Interview. He was there again to give me another excellent support and professional review before the interview and I made it and today I am YouWIN 3 awardee. Glory be to God. My dream of starting my own company and be my boss has finally come to pass.
Mr Etim, You are a great leader, a man with a heart of GOLD, professional and a mentor per excellent, a man I would always run to for business advice and I will always live to remember you sir.

God Bless You and your generation.


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Utibe Etim


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