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What Happens to YouWIN Programme As New Government Comes on Board?

This was a newsletter sent to my esteemed readers and followers and I felt I should share it here for my visitors that are not on my list.

Very sorry for not keeping my esteemed readers and followers updated in respect to YouWIN programme. Have been busy doing some business offline and also working on my new Surefire Business Grants and Funding Kit – It comprises of ebooks and video on how to get free grant, list of business grants, how to write winning business proposal for all the grants, business plan competitions and the last one is loan from BOI, NEXIM, Bank of Agric, commercial banks and loan without collateral. Later in this email I will explain more about it and in my subsequent articles.

Once again am very sorry for not keeping you updated.
The faith of YouWIN Programme as Gen. Muhammad Buhari comes on board.
No doubt a lot of people are afraid that the YouWIN programme would be scraped and a lot of people have been calling me to inquiry about the continuity of the programme now that Goodluck Jonathan is no more in power. Have been wanting to write about this and inform all my esteemed readers and followers but I have been so busy concentrating on ensuring the Fund Business Kit is ready and I thank God for that.

First of all let me start with YouWIN3 – YouWIN3 with Jonthan/Buhari administration
To be frank with any YouWIN3 awardee, I will say you are very lucky. You are lucky in the sense that the budget has already been past and the fund for YouWIN3 has been deposited with CBN. Immediately awardees signed agreement with FG and all the eligible awardees are collated and the total award amount collated, the funds is then sent CBN who would then send it to participating banks when you are approved. Once you meet the milestones and you are approved alongside other awardees and the approved names are sent to the banks for disbursement, you would get your money. I don’t really see problem with YouWIN3 except maybe delay in disbursement.
As am talking to you, some of my mentees that made it in YouWIN3 are to be visited by monitors from this week to see what they have done with the first tranche disbursement and to know if they are ready for 2nd tranche disbursement.

It would also interest you to know that YouWIN is organizing a 2-day Financial Management Training for both YouWIN 1 & 2 and they have also launched YouWIN Connect last week (  for all YouWIN awardees to list their products and services.
Read below the first paragraph of the message that was sent to me:
As part of our continuous efforts to enrich your YouWiN! Experience, we would like to introduce you to the new online web platform, “YouWiN! Connect.”  This platform serves as a marketplace created to connect all awardees and promote the development of strong business relationships. Its functionalities allow all awardees to upload and showcase their products and services for the viewing and interest of other awardees as well as potential investors. Among the other benefits include:
A lot of people are exhibiting fear that YouWIN is no more, for me I am very positive and optimistic about YouWIN programme.

I know a lot of people are concerned about YouWIN4 now that Goodluck Jonathan administration is out. In Nigeria the tradition is that any new government don’t like continuing with previous government or administration policies especially when the new admin is from opposition party and the policies are not back by law or any degree. This makes a lot of people to be worried.
I have asked many questions from those in authority and everyone is just hopeful that something positive would come out from it.

For me I’m optimistic about YouWIN4 because the funds for the programme has already been sent to the senate by Ministry of Finance and by the time the budget for this year is passed, the new administration would have to follow the budget(Note that implementation may not be 100% and they have power to cancel any project). They won’t come up with their own budget or new budget and send to senate for passage, it is next year that they would have full control of the budget.

Though the programme was initiated during GEJ admin, but it would interest you to know that the programme is not being managed by the office of the presidency, but by Ministry of Finance and is Minister of Finance that do approve list of awardees and disbursement of funds to awardee.
Another thing is that YouWIN programme is a World Bank partnered project, other international organization partnered project and banks in Nigeria also partnered and provide supports. Therefore is not Goodluck Jonathan pet project, is Federal Government project that some states and other government agencies like NDDC are coping from YouWIN project.

Don’t forget that the new admin is more concern about youth empowerments and job creations and the information I heard is that they may review it to accommodate more youths and the amount might be reviewed too. They may also come up with their own project.

It also interests you to know that Goodluck is concerned about smooth transition briefing Buhari of his administration programmes. Therefore, GEJ has setup committee for smooth handover and briefing. He has directed all ministries to prepare their handover notes and submit to SGF. They are mandated to ensure proper documentation is made and also document projects inherited by his administration and the one initiated by his administration. Briefings are expected to include the status of the projects and their implementation.

All ministries are mandated by the president to ensure everything that required the President’s approval must be presented to him latest on May 13 so that the incoming government would not accuse the outgoing government of rushing projects.

For now let’s just be hopeful and keep our fingers across. I will always be here to keep you posted when I have useful information. For me am very positive about it.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…
I believe you are entrepreneur and a serious one for that matter; you don’t have to put all your effort and hope on YouWIN alone, you have other programme to harness and use it to position your business. Opportunity meets those who prepare for it. You need to harness other opportunities and something good can come out from it.

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Best regards,
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