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When is YouWIN 3 Business Competition Plan Be Open?

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YouWIN 3 edition has generated so much interest as Nigerians have come to believe in it. YouWIN is real and everyone want to benefit. But this 3rd edition that supposed to have been open for business plan submission is still being delayed. Many are anxious and very eager to submit their business plan, but the delay is not helping matter.

It will interest you to know that due to some logistics, this 3rd edition cannot be open.  The delay is due to some logistics. You know YouWIN One supposed to have come to an end on 31st July, 2013 and anyone that has not received his or her remaining tranches would forfeit it, but we the pioneer awardees sent letter to YouWIN secretariat to extend it to August and the request was assented to.

Besides, YouWIN Two awardees (women edition) have not been paid their first tranche. They wanted to finish with us, pay youwin2 awardees before commencing the youwin 3. Hopefully next week or first week of August, submission of business plans will commence. Notwithstanding the delay, you can still register your account and wait for the commencement of business plan submission.

I will be releasing my ebook on the secrets and proven techniques you can use and win big with YouWIN soon.

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