World Peace Initiative Mindfulness Grant 2019 for Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs ($USD 3,000)

Are you young leaders or young entrepreneurs willing to use mindfulness to foster sustainable world peace?

Do you feel that your startup or organization need support to improve and move to its next stage?

Do you think that you don’t have enough financial support from local organizations and want to reach more people in your community?

World Peace Initiative (WPI) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Thailand. World Peace Initiative is proud to announce its Mindfulness Grant for the Community intended for young leaders and entrepreneurs!


In order to participate in this program, there are certain project requirements:

  1. The project will be carried out in the Africa region by Africans only.
  2. The project should be initiated originally by you and your team, not a copy of a previously implemented project and not something copied from somewhere else.
  3. The project should not violate any human or animal rights or be involved in any process of killing or harming the lives of any other beings.
  4. The project can’t be involved in any kind of trade of financial securities or cryptocurrencies.
  5. The project should have a positive social impact with a reach of at least 200 people.
  6. The project must be environmental friendly.
  7. The project can’t involve any kind of hate or harsh speech.
  8. This project can’t involve the use of or promotion of intoxicating substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs.
  9. The project’s duration should be no more than 90 days.
  10. The project must somehow involve mindfulness and meditation and be able to show how mindfulness and meditation can benefit the project.
  11. The project should ideally have a plan for long term sustainability


Winning up to 3,000 USD to implement the proposed project.

The opportunity of having one of our certified meditation instructors as an advisor for the implementation of the mindfulness aspect of the program and as a trainer at no cost.

The aim of the grant is to support projects that make a positive change in society and promote mindfulness and meditation as a tool to improve people’s quality of life.

The project should be implemented over a course of 90 days.

The winner should report the results of the project to WPI in two phases, 45 days after the project launch and on the final day of the project (Day 90).

If the project is successfully implemented, the team will also be sponsored to attend one of our training programs or meditation retreats.

The top 20 applicants of the grant will be given preference to attend one of our Peace Revolution African fellowships in 2019 if they apply.

Financial Terms of the Grants

As part of the application, grant recipients must provide a budget and budget narrative that accurately reflects the proposed costs of the project. Requests for changes to the budget or timeline after proposal submission must be submitted in writing to WPI for approval.

Grant funds will be made available in three installments:

  • First Installment: 30% of the proposed cost – after project approval 1 July , 2019
  • Second installment: 40% of the proposed cost – 45 days after project start and grantee submit all required documents to the foundation. 15 August, 2019
  • Third installment: 30% of the proposed cost – at the stage of project dissemination, reporting and accounting, to be given officially during a WPI summit or fellowship.

All grant activities must be completed and funds spent before 10 October, 2019.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, kindly visit the link below:

Click here to apply for the World Peace Initiative Mindfulness grant 2019

Application Deadline: March 31st 2019

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