YouWIN! 3 Financial Template- Errors Corrected.

Yesterday I posted on my blog the error I discovered on YouWIN!3 second round financial template and I quickly wrote YouWIN! for them to make correction. You can read more about the error here: YouWIN! 3 2nd Round Financial Template Errors

YouWIN3-template-2Am proud to let you know that the error has been corrected and mail sent to all applicants to download the latest template. I also received a mail from YouWIN thanking me for pointing that out.

Business registration

You can check your mail and you will see the new mail:


Kindly login and download the latest version of the second stage financial

template. A fix for the Auto – calculation has been implemented


Fill all required fields and upload before submitting your application.


Thank You


YouWIN Mentoring Programme

My follow pioneer awardees really want me to apply for YouWIN mentoring programme.

About YouWIN Mentoring Programme

The YouWiN! Mentoring Program (YMP) is a component of the YouWiN! Business Plan Competition that has been established to provide its beneficiaries with high quality mentoring that is comprehensive and will improve their chances at succeeding as entrepreneurs. Mentors in this program comprise of seasoned entrepreneurs and business managers who are willing and able to provide voluntary one-on-one mentoring for each awardee.

Since they say experience is the best teacher and as one of the pioneer awardees and having helped and mentored many in women edition and also the 3rd edition, I believe this is the time to share my experiences.  As part of my goals of helping many young Nigerians become successful entrepreneur, I am considering applying for it. It is a voluntary programme and I won’t be paid a dime. I have to use my own resources to go about mentoring awardees into becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Since this is inline with my goals, I will apply. But what do you think- I will want to hear from you. Please post your comment below.

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