YouWIN Connect 2017 Online Training Has Started

If you have made it to the 2nd stage (online training) of the YouWIN Connect 2017 programme, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you. I know you still have hurdles to scale before you can be among the final awardees.

The online training has started. It started on the 5th of December, 2017. Some people have received their login details while others have not. If you have not received your login details, don’t worry,  they will send it to you soon and if you have received your login, go and start the training.

What You Need to Know About the YouWIN Connect Online Training

The online training is made up of 6 modules/sections that you need to complete. There are:


For you to be selected, you must watch /study all the videos in the above sections and answer all the questions. You must complete your tasks/activities to stand a chance.

Your answers must be tailored and relevant to the questions and also show that you understand your business.

If you didn’t answer the questions well, your chances are slim.

Therefore, you don’t need to rush the answers. Take time to watch the videos and do research and come up with clear answers.

In the past few days, I have been inundated with a lot of questions and how to start. A lot of people asked me the same questions over and over and again and again.

So I have decided to share some of the questions here and the answers


Frequently Asked Questions On YOUWIN Connect Online Training

Question: My Name is on the list but I didn’t/I have not been Receive(ing) Message(s) from YouWIN Connect

Answer: if you saw your name on the list and you have not received any message from YouWIN Connect, am sorry is either it’s someone bearing the same first name and last name with you that made it or the problem is with your email or from YouWIN. Kindly check your spam folder for email messages from YouWIN connect.



Question: I can’t Access YouWIN Connect Training Portal With my Android/Smartphone

Answer: For now, YouWIN Connect Online Training portal does not really function well on mobile phones. You will get the best experience if you are using your laptop or desktop. So always use laptop/desktop for the best experience.

If you are using a mobile connection, once you receive a call on your phone, it will interrupt the internet and also interrupt the video.


Question: Must I Watch All The Videos

Answer: Yes you must watch all the videos and answer all the questions to score 100% to stand a chance

Question: Must I start the online training from day 1? And secondly, must I go on net every day for the 30 days available for the training?

Answer: You don’t need to start the training from day one. You can start the training anytime.

You can use one day to finish the whole training and the task or 5 days or 15days or a month. It doesn’t matter.

You can watch all the videos and answer the questions later.

You can download the video, watch it offline, answer all the questions offline and log in to enter your answers.

It is a flexible training session which means you can pause and continue later. However, ensure that you complete all tasks within the 30days or on or before the deadline.


More question and answers will be handed later.

Our comprehensive guide will be ready soon.

If you need a professional service in completing the online training, we are here to help. Contact us on 07031542324 or [email protected] for our charges.

NOTE: We are not affiliated to YouWIN Connect and any of its partners and we do not have direct link nor connection with YouWIN Connect.

We are an independent consultant and professionals in business plan writing and grant applications.

We do not guarantee that we will help you or contact YouWIN Connect for you to be selected. However, we are confident and believe that our professional service will give you a better chance of being selected for the 2nd round.

Though Utibe Etim is one of the pioneer awardees of YouWIN. He won in 2011. His one year contract with YouWIN and support from YouWIN has since expired. Therefore, he is not a representative of YouWIN.

That being said, he will always promote YouWIN programme because there is nothing like YouWIn in Nigeria and he will always support young entrepreneurs to start and grow their business and also source for funds.


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