Answers to Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme Questions

Are you having challenges answering the Tony Elumelu EntreprenershipProgramme TEEP questions?

Do the TEEP questions look so technical and difficult for you to answer?

We have come up with a solution for all our esteemed subscribers and followers to help them save time, energy and money and above all, answer all the questions in a unique and professional way.

So due to the fact that our readers are finding it difficult and so many requests for us to provide sample answers to help them save time and energy, we have decided to answer some of the most population business ideas while others will be added later.

The sections we answered start from section 5 to the last section. Section 1-4 are personal information and you are required to provide that by yourself.

Below are some of the ideas we have answered that you can make use of:

TEEP Catfish Business

TEEP Poultry Business

TEEP Garri Business

TEEP Liquip Soap/Detergent Business

TEEP Answers for Piggery

TEEP Answers for Skill Acquisition

TEEP Answers for Palm Oil Business

TEEP Answers for Bakery

TEEP Answers for Block Making

TEEP Answers for Restaurant Business

TEEP Answers for Fashion

TEEP Answers for Waste Management/Recycling

TEEP Answers for Pure Water Business

If you want tailored answers specifically and professionally answered to suit your business needs for TEEP, kindly click here.

You can use the answers for your business, however, it will make much sense if you can rephrase them to make it unique and standout since many people will be accessing the same information.

You can also use the answers as a guide.

We write the questions and provide answers to each question.

The template or answers above is not free, to access it, it will cost you a token.

Normally, I suppose to charge N10,000 for this vital information, but to make it affordable and also to support entrepreneurship, it will go for N6,000 Only.

The document is in MS words including the financial section.

The document can be downloaded online now or you request for us to email you after payment.

How to Pay and Access This Documents Now

Method one

Pay online using credit or debit card and download the documents immediately.

Method Two – Cash or Bank Transfer

You can access the documents by paying cash or doing bank/internet transfer or ATM transfer to any of the following accounts below:

[sc name=”account-details”]

Send email with the following information

Subject: I have paid for (Business Plan Name)
1. Your Name
2. Bank Paid To
3. your phone number
4. Your Correct email

to  [email protected]

and also text to 07031542324
Once payment and details are received, we shall send your package immediately to your email.

If you have any question call 07031542324

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