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Integrated Poultry, Fishery and Piggery Business Plan with 3 Years Financial Projections

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We have made securing funds for your business easy with our outstanding integrated poultry, fishery and piggery business plan with 3 years financial projections and also as a roadmap to achieve your business goals

Writing an acceptable business plan with all the features and complete and comprehensive financial projections can be frustrating especially to a first-timer who has not done such before and even if you have done it before, sometimes you will find it difficult and time-consuming.

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We decided to develop a standard business plan for you to help you take the stress away and most importantly, help you to win funds for your business growth.

The business plan, a combination of poultry, fishery and piggery, was developed with 3 goals in mind:

  1. To enable anyone seeking funds whether bank loans, business grants, or funds from investors easily achieve that and is professionally developed to convince your fund providers.
  2. It will serve as a roadmap to your destination. It is always good to have winning business strategies and also how to achieve your business goals. The business plan takes care of that.
  3. Save time, money, and energy – Why wasting your precious time cracking your brain on how to put together a winning business integrated business plan on poultry, fishery, and piggery when you can focus on your core business activities and yet won’t still get it right? Instead, get our ready-made business plan that will help you win effortlessly.

Poultry, fishery, and piggery businesses are very profitable if manage properly. The demand for the 3 products is ever-increasing and shows no sign of slowing down. According to CBN, the demand situation is estimated at over 200 million birds, while the demand for eggs and meat are about 790,000MT and 1,500,000MT respectively, leaving a huge demand gap which, unfortunately, is met through smuggling.

For fish, the total annual fish demand in Nigeria is estimated at 3.4 million metric tons. While about 40 percent of this demand is met domestically, over N125 billion ($625 million) is spent annually on fish importation.

For the piggery business, the production of pig meat for Nigeria is pegged at 302,027 thousand tonnes as of 2019. This is far below the demand and about 70% of pork meat is imported because local production can not meet the high demand for pork meat.

The data above shows that the business is lucrative and you can venture into the business.

The readymade business plan that we have developed is COVID-19 proof and is in soft copy. ms word and the financial is in excel. You can easily modify it to suit your business needs.

The financial projections include startup/expansion budget, payroll, loan repayment plan, operational expenses, sales projections, cash flow projection, balance sheet, income statements, breakeven analysis

This plan consists of 6 final products or output and there are:

Poultry: Layers for egg production, Broiler for poultry meat. The chickens are sold alive for those interested in buying live chickens and processed.

Fishery: The products are fresh fish and processed (dry) fish.

Piggery: They will sell live matured pigs and processed pigs

Table of Contents

Take a look at the table of content:

1)      Executive Summary: The summary includes an introduction, products, and services description, marketing and sales among others

2)      Company Overview: this includes

  1. Mission Statement
  2. History and Current Status
  3. Markets and Products
  4. Objectives
  5. Keys to success

3)      Product or Service description.

4)      Industry and Market Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Industry analysis
  3. Market analysis
  4. Customer analysis
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. SWOT Analysis

5)      Marketing Strategy

  1. Target Market Strategy
  2. Product/Service Strategy
  3. Pricing Strategy
  4. Distribution Strategy
  5. Advertising and Promotion Strategy
  6. Sales Strategy
  7. Marketing and Sales Forecasts

6)      Operations

  1. Operations Strategy
  2. The scope of Operations
  3. Operating Expenses

7)      Development

  1. Development Strategy
  2. Development Timeline
  3. Development Expenses

8)      Management

  1. Company Organization
  2. Management Team
  3. Administrative Expenses

9)   Summary of Financials

  1. Financial Assumptions
  2. Financial Forecasts
  3. Projected Cash Flow
  4. Income Statements

iii.      Balance sheet

  1. Profit and loss
  2. Profit Margin, chart etc
  3. Financial Risks

10)   Appendices

Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)

Financial Statements

  • Income Statement [3 years]
  • Balance Sheets [3 years]
  • Cash Flow Statements [3 years]
  • Ratio Analysis [3 years]
  • Other supporting financial statements

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