8 Steps To Start A Successful Restaurant Business in Nigeria

The restaurant industry in Nigeria is thriving, with an increasing number of people eating out and ordering in. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the food and beverage sector contributed more than 24% of Nigeria’s GDP in 2020, making it a lucrative industry for aspiring entrepreneurs. To ensure long-term success, however, starting a restaurant business in Nigeria necessitates careful planning, research, and execution. This article will walk you through the 8 steps To Start a profitable restaurant business in Nigeria.

Conduct Market Research

Before opening a restaurant in Nigeria, conduct market research to determine the demand for your services, identify your target customers, and evaluate your competition. Visit similar restaurants in your area, analyze their menus, prices, and customer service, and conduct surveys to gather feedback from potential customers to gather information.

Get a Restaurant Business Plan

A solid business plan is essential for the success of your Nigerian restaurant. Your company’s objectives, strategies, target market, financial projections, and marketing plans should all be included in your business plan. A business plan can also assist you in obtaining funding from investors or financial institutions.

Order a Restaurant Business Plan with 3 Years Financial Projections

Secure a Good Location

Getting a good location is crucial to the success of your restaurant business. You should locate your restaurant in an area that will be access easily by your customers, consider the following when deciding on a location:

  1. Your restaurant business must be in a location with high population and purchasing power

2. It should be in a commercial area which must also be safe and secure.

3. You should also consider the rent, utility costs, and other expenses associated with the location.

Obtain Necessary Approval and Permit:

After securing a good location, the next important thing is to obtain the necessary approvals and permits and you must achieve this before starting your restaurant business in that location, you should reach out to relevant authorities to get started, this will also be a good opportunity to ask questions based on the right approvals and permits you need for your business. Each state in Nigeria including the local governments have specific laws that guide businesses within their domain. You will find the follwing information necessary as you begin your business:

  1. Register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission and obtain Tax Identification Number, failure to do this might result into you having needless legal battle with the government.
  2. Get the state government approval including the local government permit for your kind of business.
  3. Obtain a food and beverage permit from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Build Relationship with Reputable Suppliers

This is one important aspect of your business you can’t ignore, you must establish relationships with reputable suppliers to ensure the quality of your food and beverages. You should select suppliers who provide high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices and a consistent supply of goods. To ensure that you are getting the best deal, you should also negotiate prices and payment terms with your suppliers.

You should consider buying your ingredients and other items in bulk to enjoy discount and save on cost

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Hire Competent Workers

Hiring qualified employees is critical to the success of your restaurant. Hire skilled chefs, servers, bartenders, and other employees who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. You should also provide proper training, compensation, and benefits to your employees to motivate them to do their best.

Paying good salaries will likely motivate your employees to work hard in your business, consider hiring those with experience related to the restaurant industry especially chefs and supervisors.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing is indispensable to the success of your restaurant business. You should invest in marketing strategies that will help you reach your target customers and build brand awareness. You can use social media, email marketing, advertising, and other promotional methods to attract and retain customers. You should also focus on building a positive online reputation by responding to customer feedback and reviews

Consider the following strategies in order to promote your business both offline and online:

  • Print fliers and distribute within your city to raise awareness about your restaurant
  • Consider running a promo by offering discounts to the first set of customers that will eat in your restaurant
  • Inform your family and friends, they might likely become your first customers
  • Design, print and place attractive banners in strategic areas within your city
  • Establish an online presence by being active on social media, you might consider building a website so that people can order your food online, then partner with delivery companies or establish one in-house to ensure customer orders are delivered promptly.

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Expand your Business

After achieving success and establishing your restaurant business as a major brand in your city, you should consider expanding into nearby cities, this will allow you to reach more customers and increase your revenue


Starting a restaurant in Nigeria demands careful planning, execution, and dedication. You can start a successful restaurant business in Nigeria by following the steps outlined in this article. The food and beverage sector in Nigeria is a lucrative industry, and with the right strategies, you can tap into this market and achieve long-term success.

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