B2B Sales Lead Generation Tactics

B2B Sales Lead Generation Tactics to Explore

People often say doing lead generation is quite difficult. Those who have done it know how much work needs to be done there. 

With tonnes of misinformation floating around, you need to tailor your approach to each organization, service or product, and audience. That can only be accomplished by utilizing various lead-generation strategies. 

In this article, we will look at some of the commonly used lead generation tactics. 

Run A/B tests on key pages

When a large number of visitors visit your product websites, then you need to figure out where your visitors are browsing first. In this case, using a heat map can help. After getting the results, then you can decide where you need to make the tweaks to get more leads.

You can do similar A/B tests on your landing page and homepage to determine whether you need to make the color changes or redesign the whole page. 

Come up with great content campaigns and continuously launch them

If you’re struggling to get B2B leads with SEO efforts, then it’s probably time to change the strategy. 

Try to come up with a unique content campaign idea that includes your ideal B2B audience. When you create the campaign, make sure that it’s good enough to generate leads.

The results of the campaigns will get you more leads, a high ranking in the search engine, and more traffic.

Earn your buyer’s trust with social proof

Getting testimonials from your customers and showcasing them as social proof is one of the biggest ways to earn trust from prospects. 

Sometimes, customers may not believe in the product/services you’re offering; in that case, they will look for proof like reviews and testimonials that can help them make a more solid decision. 

The more social proof you have on your website, the better it will earn your customers’ trust. It will also end up increasing sales. You can add social proof to your website’s homepage and landing page, make case studies, and collect reviews on the G2 website.

Create a free tool to generate B2B leads

HubSpot provides a free CRM. Crazyegg offers a free heatmap tool. Ubersuggest gives free SEO analytics reports to its customers. 

All these big companies give away free tools to their customers in order to increase their B2B leads. 

You can do the same and give your customers a free tool, which will attract more customers and generate more leads. It also creates trust among buyers; they can try the tool before buying it, making them completely sure about the services you’re providing. 

Use Quora to generate more B2B leads

You can make use of content marketing strategies to generate more B2B leads. Start by educating your target audience, solving their queries, and putting your content in front of them. One of the ways to do so is by using the Quora site to answer your target audience’s questions. It’s a great platform for generating leads. You can start by finding relevant questions on Quora, linking back to your content, and getting more leads.

Publish and promote more case studies

B2B customers need the approval of many stakeholders before they can make a buying decision. 

Many of the customers have confirmed that case studies are a way to speed up the buying process. 

That’s why you should continuously promote your case studies on social media to get them in front of your customers.

Publish original research to generate more B2B leads

Conducting and publishing original research can help generate a massive ROI. It will make you the industry leader, increase your website’s visibility, and get coverage from multiple media outlets.

On average, prospects read about 13 pieces of content before they make any buying decisions. The different types of content include in-depth reports, third-party reviews, and information on the vendor’s website. 

You can use the information to boost your inbound lead generation. In short, creating lead generation strategy will help you to

  • A top leader in your industry
  • Get PR coverage and strong SEO backlinks
  • Give value to your potential leads

Tweak your leading page to get leads

When it comes to lead-generation tactics, the landing page is one of the low-hanging fruits that can help generate more B2B leads. You can increase your B2B leads by making some small changes, such as:

  • Add social proof
  • Include relevant CTA
  • Update your headline
  • Add a live chat feature to solve your customer problems

Add dynamic web pages to personalize your web pages

Personalize your website to generate more B2B leads. It’s a must to add it to your to-do list and enhance your buyer’s experience. 

You can add dynamic pages and content that adapt to your visitor’s needs and specific localization areas.

Also include ABM efforts to add an intimate touch to your buyer’s journey that provides a powerful brand experience. 

Create powerful lead magnets and provide incentives

Lead magnets are a powerful way to increase your lead-generation efforts. 

A lead magnet can be anything that provides value to your audience in exchange for prospects’ information, such as email addresses. To create a powerful lead magnet, you need to focus on your buyer’s persona and one specific pain point they face that you can solve.

In the form of lead magnets, you can share:

  • Comprehensive how-tos
  • Resources libraries
  • Case studies
  • Templates
  • Workbooks and checklists
  • In-depth guides

Experiment with different social media platforms

You can also get a variety of leads by experimenting with new things. One way is to try out a new social media platform. 

For example, if you’re already using LinkedIn and Twitter, you can experiment with TikTok and Instagram. This will help to attract new audiences and also increase web traffic by a certain percentage. And who knows—the new social media platform could become your go-to medium for attracting new leads. 

Choose the lead generation strategy that works best for you

Getting new leads and attracting new customers is often a challenging task, but it’s not entirely impossible. While trying out the different lead generation tactics, you can come across different questions like:

  • Whether this strategy will work for me
  • What’s the best lead generation strategy
  • How can I drive the best results

It’s best to stop overthinking and overcomplicating things. Instead, talk to your team, agree on a few good strategies, and start taking action.

Then, figure out what works best for you, remove those that aren’t giving any results, and keep trying new things.

Also, find out:

  • Where your target audience hangs out
  • Where they go to do their research
  • What are their biggest problems
  • Who are the decision makers

Finding out these things will help you to choose strategies that work best for your customers and your product. 

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