Best 10 Internet Service Providers in Nigeria

best 10 internet service providers in Nigeria

The internet has become an important part of our daily lives, we need internet to keep in touch with happenings within our country and the rest of the world

The world has now gone online, business and government task are now being performed over the internet because it’s effective and more cheaper. This is why the demand for internet service is on the rise.

And in Nigeria, internet adoption has increased and according to data from statista, the country has over 109 million internet users as at January 2022 making it the highest in Africa with penetration rate at 51%

There’s high demand for affordable and fast internet service by individuals, businesses and organizations in the country leading to the increase in the availability of internet service providers

Without wasting much time and in no particular order, here’s the best 10 Internet Service Providers in Nigeria:


In Nigeria, Spectranet was one of the first Internet Service Providers to introduce 4G LTE internet service, and it has since developed into a market leader.

Spectranet now boasts the most connected and active users out of all the licensed ISPs, according to data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), which granted it a license to offer internet services in Nigeria in 2009. There are 121, 281 active clients out of the 260,725 connected customers for the business. In Nigeria, the business is physically present in 630 locations.

Swift Networks

Swift Networks Limited is one of Nigeria’s biggest internet service providers offering facilities-based telecommunications services. founded in 2002 and bided and obtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in order to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers.

Swift has invested heavily in “next generation” networking technologies to build a multi-service network platform. The company holds an exclusive wireless spectrum license from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), allowing it to offer an end-to-end reliable, fibre-like connectivity services in the exclusively licensed and interference-free 3.5GHZ spectrum.

MainOne Cable

In West Africa, MainOne is well-known for its broadband network. Your company may get direct, secure access to the internet anywhere in the world thanks to MainOne’s Global Internet Access (GIA) Service. Direct connectivity to MainOne’s undersea cable infrastructure is provided via the platform.

The network has direct sharing relationships with Tier-1 networks as well as the top local and international Internet Exchange Points. Applications requiring real-time connection to and from the Internet are supported by this service. It promotes information sharing between staff members and external stakeholders through dependable, quick, and secure access to the worldwide internet.

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Smile Network

Smile Network is a 4G LTE broadband internet service provider that has one of the fastest internet services in Nigeria at the moment.

Currently, Smile Communications offers SuperFast 4G LTE internet in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba. Smile Communications is also rapidly growing across Nigeria, covering other states and cities that other 4G LTE providers haven’t yet covered.

No matter how frequently you browse or what your browsing requirements are, Smile Network has a range of data packages intended for different user types.

Dotmac Technologies Ltd

Dotmac technologies offer fast internet through their Fiber broadband Technology, they promise unlimited internet and this commendable especially in Nigeria where providers have become notorious for internet connection that depletes quickly.

Originally based in the nation’s capital, Abuja, they have now expanded to Lagos and their packages are quite affordable

As a Gold partner of NigComSat, Dotmac is Licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) with membership in the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON).

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited

Internet Solutions Nigeria Ltd. (ISN) is an ecperienced Systems Integrator & Internet Service provider serving a various clients across different sectors within Nigeria and West Africa.

ISN specializes in providing satellite, fixed and wireless, customized networks, Web design and Hosting, network infrastructure and software solutions.

Since its founding in 1997, ISN has continued to offer specialized services to a variety of businesses, including international corporations, regional firms, and residential clients.

The company has 2 decades (20 years) of experience delivering high quality ICT services and solutions. Its coverage supports the PAN-Nigerian clients with the core network build backed up via multiple carriers.


Tizeti is one company that’s been positioned to disrupt The Nigerian internet broadband market. Launched 7 years ago, Tizeti came on stream at the time many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are struggling to cope with increasing demand. The company is leveraging the large wireless capacity available with Wi-fi and plummeting cost of solar panels to create a low CAPEX/OPEX network of owned & operated towers to offer disruptive, customer-friendly pricing for unlimited internet service right across Africa.

Tizeti delivers public Wi-fi Hotspots at locations across Nigeria and offers high speed broadband internet to residences, companies, events, and conferences.

VDT Communications

VDT is an innovative telecommunications service company, offering reliable and secure broadband communication solutions to large organizations, SMEs, homes and individuals. With a Nationwide coverage, 24/7 localized support and fastest link installation time in the industry

VDT is licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission to provide Private Network service specializing in the provision of Enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) link connectivity using Fiber Optic and Wireless Communication infrastructure and access networks.

There are the leading Broadband communication service provider to corporate organizations with leased Fiber Optic trunks to the thirty-six (36) states in Nigeria and the FCT, with 145 Points-Of-Presence (POP) and counting with localised technical support staffers.

Cobranet Limited

Cobranet Limited is one of the leading internet service and data provider. Since launching in 2003, the company has been providing various industries and sectors within Nigeria with reliable and secure Internet Services and Data Management solutions.

Cobranet is well known for offering innovative and world class solutions at the best feature-to price and service –to –price ratio to ensure that customers achieve their individual and business targets while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a stable internet.

Cobranet Is a member of the Boulos Nigeria group and is committed to leveraging their industry edge for improved productivity and nationwide coverage.

21st Century Limited

21st Century Technologies Limited is among the leading Licensed Information Communications and Technology Services Provider in Nigeria, founded in 1997 and with over 19 years of service and pedigree is fully mobilized and perfectly positioned to build converged, multi-service and efficiently managed communications networks in Africa.

21st Century Ltd, own and operate the most extensive optical fibre cable metropolitan networks in Nigeria with speeds up to 10Gbps, high-speed Corporate Dedicated Internet Access and IRUs for a total of 10Gbps, fully redundant International subsea fibre capacity with two separate vendors.

They are one of the leading commercial Data Centre Service Providers in Nigeria specializing in offering commercial protection of off-site data, server hosting, indexing, records archiving from their state-of-the art facilities that meet strict measures of security, stability and fire prevention.

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