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If You Have Been Finding it Difficult Developing or Getting Quality Business Plan For To Access Funds For Your Business…Congrats You Are In The Right Place!

We Have Helped You Developed Standard Business Plans For You To Use And Access Funds For Your Business And It Comes With 3 Years Financial Analysis  

These business plans are PROFESSIONALLY developed to help you save time, Money and Energy and can be used for Bank of Industry (BOI) Loan, bank loans, for investors or for personal use

Dear Entrepreneur,

Friday, March 11th, 2016

We Have Developed The Following Standard Business Plans With 3 Years Financial Analysis  

  • Standard Poultry Business Plan with 3 Years Financial Analysis
  • Standard Catfish Business Plan With 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Palm Oil Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Pig Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Cassava Processing Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Snailery Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Pure Water Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Fashion Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Web Design/Software/Training Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis

Whether you’re starting a new business, repositioning your existing business, or targeting outside investors, getting a clearly detailed business plan can make the journey to your business goal easier, faster, and less costly.

Writing an investor-grade business plan can be challenging and time-consuming, even for those who have done it before.

To help my loyal subscribers and readers that don’t have money to engage me, I have decided to develop the most ask for business plans

If you’re like most small-business owners, you’ve never had to create a business plan before. In fact, you may have never even seen a formal business plan document let alone had to put one together.

A well-prepared business plan will help secure fund and will also guide you on how to drive your business to success.

If one of your aims is to obtain loan from the bank or any financial institution or from investors, our well-researched business plans is what you need to obtain that fund. Our business plans are developed to sell your company to the world and potential investor and also gives you direction to position your business strategically.

From the table of contents to the financial tables, Our business plans cover the grey areas. How can you make your executive summary stand out? How much detail is appropriate when outlining your marketing strategy? What is the best way to present the financial projections? We touch all the major parts and professionally formatted all the business plans the way it should be.

Our Business Plans are full of insight and industry secrets to make sure your business successful.
If you are working on getting raising funds and you need a business plan, this completed editable MS Word and documents for your business plan and also the financial analysis for 3 years is what you need. Please follow the instruction below to learn how to access this comprehensive and standard business plan. Also, the text of the business plan is formatted with a fully automated table of contents.

Who am I And Why Should You Get Business Plans From Me?

Utibe Etim

My name is Utibe Etim, I’m an entrepreneur, a business consultant and business plan expert. A founder and co-founder, a writer with special focus on business and ICT.

One of the pioneer awardees/recipients of YouWIN- Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria: a business plan competition of the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower youths with an innovative business idea.

I am a mentor and I have mentored a lot of people especially youths that have successfully started their business and I have also helped many to raise grant and work with them in setting up their business.

Through my website, I have shared valuable information on business grant opportunities, youth empowerment programmes, business opportunities, tips and how to start many small scale businesses.

Why Am I Doing This

You might be wondering why I’m selling business plan so cheap. You might even be asking yourself if the business plan is standard and worth it.

You, I didn’t just start out by selling business plans, I started selling business plans because most of my subscribers and followers always get in touch with me to write a business plan for them and some will be begging me to write a business plan for Just N10,000 and some N15,000. Even the simplest business plan I write is N23,000 with 1-year financial analysis, the one with 3 years financial analysis is N70,000 while the one with 5years financial analysis is N150,000 with all the features. Visit my business plan page here to see all the plans and features.

Another major reason is that this platform was set up to empower and support a lot of young and aspiring entrepreneurs that don’t have enough money to start their own business. So I want to support especial young entrepreneurs and also provide quality premium services to my clients that can afford my fee.

If you need a unique business plan service developed to suit your taste and needs, kindly visit here or contact me.

Writing professional business plan can be very technical and demanding and also requires a lot of research. We have done the dirty work for you. It’s going to save you time, energy and money.

This is why we developed these business plans for you to help you save time, money and energy.



These business plans are well-researched and developed to help you save time and money and can be presented to any investor for funds or can be accessed for personal use.


  • Standard Poultry Business Plan with 3 Years Financial Analysis
  • Standard Catfish Business Plan With 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Palm Oil Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Pig Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Cassava Processing Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Snailery Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Pure Water Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Fashion Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis
  • Standard Web Design/Software/Training Business Plan with 3 years financial analysis


  • 1)      Table of Contents2)      Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others

    3)      Company Overview: this includes

    a.       Mission Statement

    b.      History and Current Status

    c.       Markets and Products

    d.      Objectives

    e.      Keys to success

    4)      Product or Service description: Where I describe the different poultry products which include chicken, eggs and waste.

    5)      Industry and Market Analysis

    a.       Introduction

    b.      Industry analysis

    c.       Market analysis

    d.      Customer analysis

    e.      Competitor analysis

    f.        SWOT Analysis

    6)      Marketing Strategy

    a.       Target Market Strategy

    b.      Product/Service Strategy

    c.       Pricing Strategy

    d.      Distribution Strategy

    e.      Advertising and Promotion Strategy

    f.        Sales Strategy

    g.       Marketing and saleS Forecasts

    7)      Operations

    a.       Operations Strategy

    b.      The scope of Operations

    c.       Operating Expenses

    8)      Development

    a.       Development Strategy

    b.      Development Timeline

    c.       Development Expenses

    9)      Management

    a.       Company Organization

    b.      Management Team

    c.       Administrative Expenses

    10)   Summary of Financials

    a.       Financial Assumptions

    b.      Financial Forecasts

    i.      Projected Cash Flow

    ii.      Income statement

    iii.      Balance sheet

    iv.      Profit and loss

    v.      Profit Margin, chart etc

    c.       Financial Risks

    11)   Appendices

    Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)

    Financial Statements

    ·         Income Statement [3 years]

    ·         Balance Sheets [3 years]

    ·         Cash Flow Statements [3 years]

    ·         Ratio Analysis [3 years]

    ·         Other supporting financial statements

TESTIMONIALS- Hear What They Are Saying…

Olajide Emmanuel

I have known Mr. Utibe for a year now through his work online and the regular mails i do receive from him. I am pleased to say that I am very lucky to have seen his work and his blog such a brilliant man.

He is one of the most efficient and capable I have ever seen in delivering latest information about business opportunities, grants etc in Nigeria. I am one of YOUWIN 3 awardees, Many times his materials and up-to-date information were the one’s that bailed me out of difficult situations encountered in the course of my registrations.

I highly recommend him. He is a knowledgeable professional and a master of his craft. He is very detail oriented and organized and goes above and beyond to exceed the tasks in front of him.

Mrs Anitie Ogiemudia,
MD God Glory Restaurant and Catering Services
YouWIN! 2 Awardee
I would always be grateful to Utibe Etim for his mentoring, training and support during YouWIN 2 women edition. Even as trained caterer and someone that is vast in the industry, I couldn’t prepare a good business plan because I have never done that before, Mr Utibe Etim support throughout the application processes was awesome and even post award support has been excellent.

I remember when I was having delay and issue with my 3rd tranche disbursement, he helped me to prepare all the sales/income statement I sent to YouWIN, advised and reviewed my letter to YouWIN secretariat and always there to assist where necessary.

Today I have 2 branches for my restaurant business. My God will continue to bless you and Federal Government

 John Ukah,
Delta State
YouWIN! 3 Awardee
Garri Processing

My name is John Ukah, I’m one of the YouWIN! 3 awardee and I won with Cassava to Garri processing business idea. I applied for YOUWIN! 1 in 2011 and I did not make it, in YouWIN 2 I was ineligible to apply because it was meant for female. Before the commencement of YouWIN 3, I was searching for how to write a good business plan and win YouWIN 3 using Google, it was there I discovered him on his site I contacted him and he told me not to worry I should wait until YouWIN3 commences. When YouWIN3 application was opened, He released his ebook “YouWIN! Success Guide” and I bought and study it. I did my work and he help me to review. I was so happy when I was shortlisted for the 2nd stage. In the 2nd stage I discovered it wasn’t a child’s play and I needed to be mentored, I travelled all the way from Delta to Lagos where I met him for the first time and we work for 3day and I submitted my business plan. My decision to meet an expert like him was a right step in the right direction as I was selected for Interview. He was there to give another excellent support and professional review before the interview and I made it and today

I am YouWIN 3 awardee. Glory be to God. My dream of starting my own company and be my boss has finally come to pass.

Mr Etim, You are a great leader, a man with the heart of GOLD, professional and a mentor per excellent, a man I would always run to for business advice and I will always leave to remember you.

God Bless You and your generation.

Special Bonus

This special bonus for you. It is a step-by-step guide on how to register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)

If you are planning to start a business in Nigeria, it’s very important you incorporate your business. Registering or incorporating your company with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) gives you some legal backing as a business entity to carry out business in Nigeria.

In this guide I show you how to register

Business Name (Sole Proprietorship & Partnership)
Private Limited Liability Company (LLC/LTD)
Public Limited Liability Company (PLC)
Unlimited Company (ULtd)
Limited by Guarantee (Gte)
Incorporated Trustee
Incorporation of Wholly-Owned Foreign Company/Representative Office
Incorporation of Joint Ventures

How Much Will It Cost You to Get Any Of The Busines Plan?

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If you think that our Business Plan is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!



Step one
Pay for the business plans or manuals into any of the following accounts:

Account Name: Etimate Global Services
Account Number: 0051427747
Bank: GTB or

Account Name: Etimate Global Services
Account Number: 1150007557
Bank: Skye Bank

Step two…

Send email with the following information

Subject: I have paid for (Business Plan Name)
1. Your Name
2. Bank Paid To
3. your phone number
4. Your Correct email

to  [email protected]

Also text to 07031542324
Once payment and details received we shall send your package same day to your email.

You can also visit our office and make payment in our office and the business plans or manual will be sent to your email instantly.
Address: 1, Kola Ogunjale Street, Iyana Ipaja Roundabout, Beside Ecobank, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.
Utibe Etim

Utibe Etim


Etimate Global Services

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