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An Open Letter To All Serious Entrepreneurs, Business Men/Women That Need Free Grants And Funding Opportunities  To Kick Start Or Expand Their Business And Also Need To Write Award Winning And Professional Business Plan/Proposal That Helps Them Win Grants

Discover the hidden secrets to access various business grants and funding opportunities for your Small Business Start-Up, Growing Business, Social/community based business, NGO, Education Business, etc…

Dear Entrepreneur,

Utibe Etim
Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Grant funding is readily available from many corporations, government, associations, foundations and some individuals in amounts that range from small to large. The problem is that many people don’t know how to access these grant and funding opportunities. Some people are scared of writing a business plan and some don’t know how to even put up a winning proposal that makes them unique and stand out from others and others don’t know how to approach the whole thing including the grant or competition questions, so they keep dreaming.

Let me ask you this question:

Do you want to start or develop your business and need funds?

Have you tried in the past to raise grants and it all ended in futility?

Have you been looking for ways to get free grants and write a winning proposal but find it difficult or boring or don’t know how to go about it?

If your answer is yes to these questions, congratulations, you are in the right place and at the right time.

Let me tell reason I said you are in the right place and at the right time and WHY you MUST read to the end of this page to discover how you can access free grants and how to work with the right mentor and put an end to your fruitless and wasteful ways of searching for grant:

  • I have packaged a robust grant and funding kits to help you get grants for your business,
  • You would be learning from a team with proven skills and track records in helping youths and entrepreneurs access grant. I have won grants for myself and my business and I have helped many to win too. The testimonials on this page would blow you away.
  • I would be sending you free grants, business plan competitions and empowerment opportunities on weekly basis and also show you how to answer or approach them and sample answers on every opportunity I send to you to guide you and help you to win
  • Premium membership access to download my Surefire Grant and Funding Kit, ebooks, videos on grant, premium content that are restricted to only you, free mentorship just to mention a few
  • Free consultation on phone, email, chat and other platforms on any grant opportunity and how to access them

Working With The Right Team Gives You Great Advantage Over Others To Access The Right Business Grants

A business grant will give you a massive advantage in the market. You might have an excellent business idea but might not have the funds right now to pursue that dream. What to do? The obvious answer is to apply for a business grant.

In order to increase your chances of being accepted immensely you need to know exactly what business grants are still available and understand what is required of you and how to make your application unique. Paradoxically, the easiest grants to get are also the less known ones. They are not easy to find and you usually have to know people or have incredible resources available. And we’ve done that for you

You Need Step-By-Step Guide to Help You in Getting The Right Business Grant and Funding Opportunities by an Expert With Years of Experience and Track Records in Winning Business Grant!

Your opportunity to get that grant or win the business plan competition and write a winning proposal is NOW and it is handed over to you on a silver platter

Let Me Explain Who I am and More Importantly, Why You Should Listen To me…

My name is Utibe Etim, I’m an entrepreneur, a business consultant and business plan expert. A founder and co-founder, a writer with special focus on business and ICT.

One of the pioneer awardees/recipients of YouWIN- Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria: a business plan competition of the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower youths with innovative business idea (between N1m to N10m) is given to an awardee to start a new business or expand their existing business.

I am a mentor and I have mentored a lot people especially youths that have successfully started their business and I have also helped them to raise grant and work with them in setting up their business. The testimonial below would blow you away…

Through my website, I have shared valuable information on business grant opportunities, youth empowerment programmes, business opportunities, tips and how to start many small scale businesses.

My dream is to empower as many entrepreneurs as I can, helping them to setup their business, harness available opportunities to raise funds to start or expand their business and also helping them in packaging a professional and award winning business proposals and plan.

 I Have Decided To Package What I Will Call Surefire Business Grants And Funding Kits To Help You….

  • Identify and list all the business grant opportunities, business plan competitions etc, for you to benefit
  • How to approach each of the business grant opportunities including samples answers
  • How to package a winning proposal that gives you an edge over other applicants
  • Place you on my Surefire Grant list where I would be sending you latest grant opportunities and how to approach them.
  • Give you premium membership for 2 years that gives you access to download my grant ebooks, answers to grant opportunities I share with you, premium content that is not available elsewhere
  • Mentor you and also support you to raise grant for your business.


Surefire Business Grants and Funding Kits is your secret weapon to getting top grant opportunities, business plan/proposal writing and a stamp of APPROVAL on your grant application.

  • The surefire way to find business grants that will kickstart your business.
  • Accurate information on grant and how to get them
  • Instructional guidelines on the grant process and how to write a winning proposal
  • List of business grant opportunities and how to apply
  • List of organizations and agencies that give out free grant and the time the give out the grant
  • List of business plan competitions/grants in Nigeria
  • List of business plan competitions, grant and funding opportunities in Africa and other part of the world that Nigerians can benefit
  • List of grant for women entrepreneurs
  • Business grant for young entrepreneurs or startups
  • 30 commonly asked questions in any business plan competition, grants etc and how to answer them professionally e.g describe your business, what makes your business unique, market segmentation among others
  • Agriculture grants or business plan competitions for entrepreneurs
  • ICT grant opportunities and grants for Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Grant opportunities and business plan opportunities for students
  • Grants for Education sector
  • How to get grant and list of business grants for NGO
  • Empowerment programme in Nigeria
  • List of venture capitalist in Nigeria and international
  • Documents you need to put in place as an entrepreneur before looking for fund
  • I will place you on my priority list of entrepreneur to share latest business plan opportunities (whatsapp, BBM, Email, SMS alert)
  • Step by step professional guide on how to package a winning business proposals or plan for any business plan competition, grant or fund raising opportunity
  • TEEP, YouWIN, Etisalat Millionaire hunt, MTN Buddy Entrepreneur etc
  • GLO-SMEDAN Initiative Grant for SMEs


 The benefits you would get as a premium member are:

  • Username and Password – Login detail for membership area to access and download premium content that are not available to other users of this website
  • Sample Answers – Sample answers would be provided to to all the competitions I post on my website and free guide to guide and help you submit a concept that makes you standout from other applicants
  • Premium Membership For 2 Years – You join the premium membership that last for 2 years from the date you subscribe and this give you free access to free mentorship on how to get grant, write business proposal and win competitions
  • Free Consultation- You can consult with me on any business plan that I posted on my website or other ones you find elsewhere. You would have my dedicated line and other medium to reach.

With this membership, when I see grant opportunities like Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme TEEP, Diamond Bank Building Entrepreneurs Today BET, Etisalat Easybusiness Millionaire Hunt, Glo/SMEDAN empowerment programme among others, I will not only post the information and how to apply, I will ensure that I prepare answers to those questions so that you can download them and edit it to suit your taste because many people would be using the same sample answers. This will be available to PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY.

Since 2013, my YouWIN Success Guide has helped a lot of people to win and that is just one guide, how much more when you have access to as many guides/answers/proposals as possible. The opportunity is limitless.


The reason I’m doing this is that I discovered that when I post grants and business competitions on my website, many of my readers don’t know how to approach them. Some don’t know how to write business plan or answer those questions, so I decided to create Premium Membership where I will guide you and show you how to answer those questions and also provide sample answers to those grants and competitions questions.

Every member is given username and password to access the membership area and membership content are restricted to only members with access right.

This is not for everyone and definitely not all my readers and followers can access it, it is only for few and serious minded entrepreneurs that are focused on access grant for their business.

Apart from the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP right and PREMIUM CONTENT, you would also download softcopy of my SureFire Grants and Funding Kits. If you prefer hardcopy, shipping cost applied.

Please What Some Of My Mentees Are Saying…

Olajide Emmanuel
[email protected]
I have known Mr. Utibe for a year now through his work online and the regular mails i do receive from him. I am pleased to say that I am very lucky to have seen his work and his blog such a brilliant man.

He is one of the most efficient and capable I have ever seen in delivering latest information about business opportunities, grants etc in Nigeria. I am one of YOUWIN 3 awardees, Many times his materials and up-to-date information were the one’s that bailed me out of difficult situations encountered in the course of my registrations.

I highly recommend him. He is a knowledgeable professional and a master of his craft. He is very detail oriented and organized, and goes above and beyond to exceed the tasks in front of him.

Mrs Anitie Ogiemudia,
MD God Glory Restaurant and Catering Services
YouWIN! 2 Awardee
I would always be grateful to Utibe Etim for his mentoring, training and support during YouWIN 2 women edition. Even as trained caterer and someone that is vast in the industry, I couldn’t prepare a good business plan because I have never done that before, Mr Utibe Etim support throughout the application processes was awesome and even post award support has been excellent.

I remember when I was having delay and issue with my 3rd tranche disbursement, he helped me to prepare all the sales/income statement I sent to YouWIN, advised and reviewed my letter to YouWIN secretariat and always there to assist where necessary.

Today I have 2 branches for my restaurant business. My God will continue to bless you and Federal Government

 John Ukah,
Delta State
YouWIN! 3 Awardee
Garri Processing

My name is John Ukah, I’m one of the YouWIN! 3 awardee and I won with Cassava to Garri processing business idea. I applied for YOUWIN! 1 in 2011 and I did not make it, in YouWIN 2 I was ineligible to apply because it was meant for female. Before the commencement of YouWIN 3, I was searching for how to write a good business plan and win YouWIN 3 using Google, it was there I discovered him on his site I contacted him and he told me not to worry I should wait until YouWIN3 commences. When YouWIN3 application was opened, He released his ebook “YouWIN! Success Guide” and I bought and study it. I did my work and he help me to review. I was so happy when I was shortlisted for the 2nd stage. In the 2nd stage I discovered it wasn’t a child’s play and I needed to be mentored, I travelled all the way from Delta to Lagos where I met him for the first time and we work for 3day and I submitted my business plan. My decision to meet an expert like him was a right step in the right direction as I was selected for Interview. He was there to give another excellent support and professional review before the interview and I made it and today

I am YouWIN 3 awardee. Glory be to God. My dream of starting my own company and be my boss has finally come to pass.

Mr Etim, You are a great leader, a man with the heart of GOLD, professional and a mentor per excellent, a man I would always run to for business advice and I will always leave to remember you.

God Bless You and your generation.

Special Bonus

This special bonus for you. It is a step-by-step guide on how to register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)

If you are planning to start a business in Nigeria, it’s very important you incorporate your business. Registering or incorporating your company with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) gives you some legal backing as a business entity to carry out business in Nigeria.

In this guide I show you how to register

Business Name (Sole Proprietorship & Partnership)
Private Limited Liability Company (LLC/LTD)
Public Limited Liability Company (PLC)
Unlimited Company (ULtd)
Limited by Guarantee (Gte)
Incorporated Trustee
Incorporation of Wholly-Owned Foreign Company/Representative Office
Incorporation of Joint Ventures

There are other special bonus you will get as a member and other powerful videos.

Apart from all these ebook, videos and bonuses, you also get excellent support. You can ask any question and I would be there to help you.

How Much Will It Cost You to Get The SureFire Grant Kits And The Support

Let’s take a look at the value of what you will get from this special offer:

Surefire Grant Kits (ebook and videos)

Premium Membership for 2 years


How to register your business with CAC







Based on the total values above, I can easily sell my products and service for about N200,000 – N300,000 because you already spend so much money and time in developing the product and service and still going to spend more time in creating premium content for you.

But I won’t charge you for that price. In fact, you won’t charge them even for N100,000 (which is less then a half of the total value).

I think 50,000 should be okay for this value pack kits? No! I won’t charge that amount. I won’t charge N25,000 and I won’t ask you to pay N15,000 for this.

You only need to pay for N300,000 N200,000N100,000N50,000 N20,000 N6,500  now if you act fast. After 31 May 2015, I will increase the price to atleast N8,500 or I will reduce the membership period from 2 years to a year or 6 months. You have limited number of days below to get on the list.

This Offer Will Expires In:

9 days 12 hours 7 minutes 44 seconds

This amount (N6,500) only last for limited time and once I get the number of members I need, I will increase it to at least N10,000 and I might even reduce the membership period to just a year or 6 months or I would even take the registration package down to provide excellent support to the few ones that registered.

This amount (N6,500) only last for limited time and once I get the number of members I need, I will increase it to at least N10,000 and I might even reduce the membership period to just a year or 6 months or I would even take the registration package down to provide excellent support to the few ones that registered.

A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!


You need to follow this link and select the grant package in the cart, register your information (Your name, email, password, phone number, address)
Choose payment method: You can pay online and have access immediately or pay through bank transfer into any of our bank accounts and once we verify your payment, we will approve your membership and you can download all the materials and content.
Please note that is only online payment that is approved automatically and access given immediately, payment or bank transfer into our account is approved manually and this take few hours after confirmation of payment.

If you are finding it difficult registering, you can pay into our account and send your Surname, first name, valid email address, phone number, address and password to be used to [email protected] or [email protected] and once your payment is confirmed, we would create your profile and send you the login details.

You can pay into any of the following accounts:
Account Name: Etimate Global Services
Account Number: 0051427747
Bank: GTB or
Account Name: Etimate Global Services
Account Number: 1150007557
Bank: Skye Bank or
Account Name: Utibe Etim
Account Number: 2012483183
Bank: UBA
Please text or email your name, phone number, payment details to 07031542324 or [email protected]

Utibe Etim


Etimate Global Services

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