TEF Entrepreneurship Programme TEEP 2019 Questions

The 2019 TEF entrepreneurship programme is a bit different from the previous ones.
The thing that made it different is the introduction of TEF Connect- the largest digital networking platform for African entrepreneurs and also 5 different and extra questions.
Unlike the previous ones where you have to start your application from www.tonyelumelufoundation.org, this edition you need to visit www.tefconnect.com to start the application.
First, you need to signup using this link http://www.tefconnect.com and after that, you need to register your profile and some information about your business under https://tefconnect.com/account.

On the portal, you will see the questions. There are 10 sections for the TEF application and some of the questions are compulsory. 

You will need to provide answers to the first section especially the mandatory ones before you can move on to the next section.

I have compiled all the questions for you to go through before starting your application. This will help you to answer the most important questions first before even going to the portal.

Below are the questions are:
Edit profile
1) First Name , Last Name, Other Name
2) Date of Birth, Select Gender, Select Marital Status
3) Email, Phone Number, Country, City
4) Twitter Handle. Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Profile

5) Interest

6) Available For Mentoring Connections
Available For Events


7) Business Industry, Website
8) Stage of Business
9) Business Name
10) About Business
11) Business Address
12) Date of Establishment
13) Revenue
14) Jobs Created

TEEP Application Questions Start from Here
TEF Application Questions

Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, the flagship programme of The Tony Elumelu Foundation.
All applications will be reviewed and selected applicants for the Programme will be notified accordingly.
Which of these languages are you most fluent?

Section 2: Personal Details

15) Title, Surname, First Name and Middle name
16) Date of Birth, Gender and Nationality
17) What is your native language?
18) How did you hear about the Entrepreneurship Programme / TEFConnect?

Section 3: Other Details

Contact Details
19) Street Address, Country and State/Province/Region
20) City/Town, Postal Code, In what area do you reside?
21) Mobile Number, Email and Skype ID

Education Details
22) Highest Level of Education
23) Major/Primary Area of Study

Social Media
24) Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Personal Website and Other

Section 4: Profile 1

25) About Me
Tell us about yourself, personal bio and what led you to become an Entrepreneur (200 words)

26) Leadership Skills & Experience
Describe your leadership skills and experience for running the business (100 words)

27) Personal Achievement
Tell us something impressive that you have personally built or achieved (100 words)

28) Business Purpose
What is your motivation for this business? (100 words)

29) Business/Company Name

30) Street Address, Business Country and Business State/Region
31) In what area is your business? Business City/Town and Postal Code
32) Website

Section 5: Profile 2

33) Elevator Pitch
Describe your current business or idea (50 words)

34) Product/Service Strength
State what differentiates your product/service from others

35) Problem Solved
What problem does your product or service solve (50 words)

36) Development State
Which most accurately describes your product or service state?

37) Sustainable Development Goals
Select your company’s goal

38) Industry Sector
Select your company’s primary industry sector

39) Industry Sub-Sector
Select your company’s secondary industry sector

Section 6: Company Structure

40) Company Registration
Is your company registered?
Yes No

41) Business Partners
Do you have any business partners?
Yes No

42) Business Start Year
Year of Business Commencement?

43) Primary Role
What is your primary role in the business? (E.g. CEO, MD, COO)

44) Employees
How many contractual, part-time and full-time employees do you have?

Section 7: Market Potential

45) Market Size
How big is the market size of your product/service? (50 words)

46) Revenue Model
What ways will your business make money? (50 words)

47) Marketing Strategy
Explain how you intend to (or already do) market your products or services to your target market (50 words)

48) Competitors
Who are your competitors/benchmark organisations? List your top 3

49) Business Threats
What are the short and long term threats your business may face?

50) Differentiating Factors
What differentiates you from other existing businesses in your field? (50 words)

51) Current Milestone
What is your current milestone for business? (50 words)

52) Next Milestone
What is your next milestone for this business and how long will it take you to reach it? (50 words)

Section 8: Financial

53) Invested Cash
What is the total amount of cash invested to date in this startup? (local currency)

54) Lifetime Revenue
How much have you made (in local currency) from sales of your products/services since you started this business?

55) Monthly Expenses
How much (in local currency) money do you currently spend or estimate you will be spending on your monthly basis as your business operating expenses?

56) Break-Even Revenue
What amount (in local currency) must your business generate to start making profits?

57) Break-Even Volume
58) What number of units (products/services) must you produce and sell for your business to start making profits?

59) Source(s) of capital till date

Section 9: Business Impact

60) Business Impact
Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job creation, revenue generation or social development (200 words)

61) Impact of Programme
How do you intend to leverage the seven pillars of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme to improve your business? (200 words)

62) Challenges
What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating or launching your business (50 words)

63) Aims & Objectives
Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from participating in the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (200 words)

64) Business Skills
What business skills do you most need to learn about?

Section 10: Attestation

65) Time Availability
If accepted into the Programme, will you work full time on this business/idea?
Yes No
66) Previous Accelerator
Have you taken part in any entrepreneurship programme/accelerator programme or received any angel investment/grant in the past year?
Yes No
67) Please provide a list of the previous accelerator programmes you have taken part in

68) Do your business partners or other business proprietors consent to your participation in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme
Yes No
69) What do you understand by the philosophy of ‘Africapitalism’ ? (200 words)

70) Please share a link to a video of you showcasing your business and why you should be selected

71) Referees
Please provide details of two character and/or professional referees
Referee 1
Full Name
72) Next of Kin
Please provide details of your closest living relative
Full Name

Click here to download the questions in PDF format


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