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101 Business to Start with Little or No Capital and Create Wealth

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Are you convinced that starting a business requires a substantial amount of capital? It’s a common belief that, without a significant investment, pursuing entrepreneurship is simply out of reach.

However, this perspective is based on a misguided mindset. In reality, you might not have thoroughly researched the business you’re interested in; otherwise, you would have discovered numerous successful companies that began in humble settings such as garages or homes.

In a previous article I wrote, I highlighted 50 businesses you can start from home with little capital and make huge profits. You’d be surprised to learn that some of these companies, like Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Amazon, started with meagre funds or even nothing at all, right from the comfort of a garage—the same space you likely have at home.

So here is the list of 101 best businesses to start with little money or no capital.

Agricultural Sector

Farming (Cash crops)

    Starting a farming business with limited capital is feasible in Nigeria. Three profitable cash crops for low-capital farming include vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and lettuce, which can be grown in small plots or containers.

    Maize farming is another option that requires relatively low production costs and has various applications, including human consumption and animal feed.

    Cassava farming, a staple crop in Nigeria, is resilient to harsh conditions and can be processed into flour, chips, garri, and starch. These cash crops offer high market demand, adaptability to different climates, and the potential to utilise available space effectively, making them attractive choices for aspiring farmers.

    Set up a small poultry farm

      Starting a small poultry farm in your backyard offers a profitable business opportunity with minimal capital. With a high demand for poultry products in Nigeria, including eggs and meat, there are ample market opportunities. Utilising the available space, ensure proper ventilation and biosecurity measures.

      Source quality day-old chicks and implement a feeding programme. Market your products to local markets, restaurants, and direct sales. With minimal space requirements, a backyard poultry farm provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

      By following best practises and exploring market channels, you can establish a successful and profitable poultry farming business.

      1. Snail farming   
      2. Rabbit rearing and export 
      3. Fish farming
      4. Grass-cutter Farming


      1. Hairdressing and beauty-care
      2. Barbing saloon
      3. Fashion design/tailoring
      4. Mass making of T-shirts and Face-cap.
      5. Jewelry Design Business
      6. Sewing of specialized uniforms

      Cleaning Services

      1. Laundry service
      2. Dry cleaning service
      3. Carpet/ Upholstery cleaning
      4. Car wash.


      1. Bread production
      2. Plantain chip and Chin-chin/
      3. Groundnut production
      4. Making cakes and Snacks
      5. Wine production
      6. Candle making
      7. Chalk making
      8. Fruit Juice production
      9. Yoghourt production and cream production
      10. Selling of Ice Block
      11. Blocks making for construction
      12. Bagged water and table
      13. Leather production/shoes and bags making
      14. Nylon-making/ recycling
      15. Sports shop
      16. Toy making
      17. Soap making


      1. Restaurant/Canteen
      2. Outdoor catering service
      3. Selling of Foodstuff
      4. Fast food outlet
      5. Outdoor catering service

      Publishing and printing

      1. Publishing, and printing of books, calendars, Cards, brochures, newsletter,s and magazine
      2. Recharge card printing and selling
      3. Mass making of T-shirts and Face-cap


      1. Painting service
      2. Film renting
      3. Computer servicing and repairs
      4. Electronic sales and service
      5. Rental service
      6. Game center
      7. Computer sales and service
      8. Phone/handsets sales and service.
      9. Even Planner
      10. Interior decorating
      11. Photography service
      12. M.C/ Public speaker
      13. Consultant service
      14. Day-care service
      15. On-site Baby Nurse and New Mother Assistant
      16. Business center – photocopying, typing, printing, 1minute passports etc.
      17. Cyber cafe service
      18. Game, picture, MP3,MP4, music, bible etc download
      19. Recruitment service/ agency
      20. Security Outfit/service
      21. Courier service
      22. Travel  agency
      23. Transport service
      24. Outsourced bus service
      25. Wedding planner
      26. Event DJing
      27. Accounting service


      1. Computer School
      2. Tutorial service for primary, secondary schools students, SSCE/GCE/JAMB candidates
      3. Educational service
      4. Seminars
      5. Training center
      6. Schools
      7. Scholarship Consulting
      8. Study Abroad Service
      9. Become a Career Coach
      10. Freelance Technical Writing Jobs
      11. Become a Book Editor
      12. Ebooks Making and selling
      13. Graphic design

      Health Sector

      1. Fitness center


      1. Sales of electrical appliances and its accessories
      2. Book shop


      1. Transportation of raw foodstuff from rural areas to urban areas and other places
      2. Haulage and logistics
      3. Inland waterway transport

      Others Businesses

      1. Gardening 
      2. Trading
      3. Estates Agency
      4. Furniture making
      5. Waste management
      6. Waste recycling
      7. Software design and development

      Internet Business

      1. Virtual assistant
      2. Web design and development
      3. Search engine optimization
      4. Internet marketing
      5. Providing content
      6. Freelance programmer
      7. Affiliate marketing
      8. Data entry
      9. Selling software
      10. Online auctions
      11. Network marketing

      Waooh! That is a great list of businesses and ideas you can tap into. As you can see, I ended up giving you 105 instead of 101 business opportunities. The reason is that I like impressing and making my reader very happy, so that is why I added four extra, and the list should have been longer, but let me just make it simple.

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