How To Start a Profitable Garri Processing Business

Garri is one of the most consumed staple foods in Nigeria and West Africa and Nigeria is also the largest producer and consumer in the world.

The demand for garri in Nigeria is put at 1 million tons annually but the supply is just 250,000 which is a gap of 750,000 tons and that means more production and processing is needed to meet up with local demand.

Starting your garri processing business can profitable is done right and in this article we will show you how to start your own profitable garri processing business.

The first thing you need to have before starting is a solid business plan to guide you on what to do. Click here to check prices of our business plans and order online.

In no particular order, let’s consider what must be in place for a profitable garri processing business

What You Must Have Before Starting

Required Capital

As with any other business, you need capital to start and your target should be between 500,00 to 1 million naira, it’s just an estimate and you will need more money. Doing a proper research will help you to know the exact amount you need to start. You can get private investors to partner with you or approach a commercial bank for a loan.

Start farming or Seek Partnership

You need to have cassava which is the raw material for garri and you can go into cassava farming or partner with reputable farmers for consistent supplies.

Location and Factory

You have the required capital and you have strike a good deal with the right farmers for constant supplies, you also need to acquire a land to build your factory. This is where the entire processing will be done and where you will build a storage house for your product.

Equipments Needed

You will need the following equipments:

  1. Grating Machine
  2. Grinding Machine
  3. Presser
  4. Sifter
  5. Fryer

You might discover extra machines necessary during your research but these machines are enough to start and they can be procured locally or imported preferably from China.

Logistics and Supply

This is very important as you will have to supply to your buyers after production. You can partner with people who will supply on your behalf and this will give you time to focus on your business or do it yourself.

You can sell to the following people :

  1. Restaurant owners
  2. Retailers /bulk sellers
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Home owners
  5. Events organizers


To ensure your products stand out from your competitors. You can use sacks for 25kg and 50kg bags and for supermarkets and stores, you can use special nylon for attractive packaging.

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