Important Feature of an eCommerce Store Product Page

When starting an online business, there are many features your website should have to ensure consumer engagement. Your page is the face of your business, and the image the customers will have when dealing with your website will be determined accordingly. So, here are some important features every eCommerce store product page should have:

Quality images

The images available on your online store are the main marketing tool used to attract your customers. Based on the quality and creativity of the image, the customer will feel the need to make a purchase. Depending on the product you’re selling, a series of images might be necessary. For instance, when buying Bacon Roses from ManlyManCo, if you can skim through the images and see different perspectives and details of delicious bacon roses, you will be tempted to buy. Seeing the beautiful pictures makes your mouth water, and the brain will enhance your cravings for a taste of jerky.


Your page should be easy to navigate and very user-friendly for a customer to want to come back. Having a search tab is also recommended, and being able to sort by category or price is always a good advantage. A page should also load images and information rather quickly, so a customer doesn’t run out of patience.


Seeing reviews underneath a product will help encourage the customer to make a purchase. Sometimes, a customer is left feeling a little hesitant, especially if they’re a newbie. But, when they see that other people have not only bought the product but also found it valuable, worthy, tasty or positive, depending on what the product actually is, there is a high probability that the hesitation disappears, and the customer will be encouraged to make the purchase.

Don’t worry about negative reviews, but make sure to respond to them professionally and offer a great amount of care to ensure that even if there is something wrong with the product, the problem will be handled with a great amount of care.

More than one payment option

Having a variety of payment options is always a great way to cater to different people. There are many people who are wary of inserting their credit card details online and so offer a secure method of payment or even cash on delivery. Having these options will allow you to cater to different customers and ensure that their details are secure.

Live chat

There are times when a description isn’t detailed enough, or a certain aspect needs to be verified. Or, let’s say an order was made with an error, having a live chat option will help the customer deal with any difficulties found on the page. This will make them feel cared for and safe, guaranteeing that they’ll be repeat customers.

Your main interaction with your audience will be through your eCommerce store product page. That’s why it is important to ensure that the image you want to reflect is evident through the features available on your page and that it is appealing for your customers.

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