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Inzfy: An Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog on Instagram

Instagram is an online media platform that has taken the online world by storm and is inspiring and exciting. The platform has reached a new milestone with over 2 billion active users worldwide. Apart from posting normal pictures, many are also utilizing the platform for blogging. So how do you start a blog on Instagram? Here is how we can show you!

When we say blogging on Instagram, it differs from the traditional one. But it is a simple and easy process. Even blogging is done to increase the popularity of their business. Apart from this, when we check up on the platform, it has widespread features like stories, reels, posts, etc., So anybody shall promote their blog by using these features. To acquire more authenticity, you should buy instagram video views and uplift your presence on the platform.

What Is Instagram Blogging?

In general, Instagram is a microblogging platform. But most bloggers prefer this platform as it has a widespread user base. Every time you post a picture on Instagram is considered blogging. As far now, Instagram is the second most downloaded app in the world, and it is the most enjoyed and visited platform. So when we look through all these elements, it is proven that Instagram is an excellent place for bloggers to post photos and promote their businesses.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Promoting the Blog on Instagram

Below are the steps to start a blog on Instagram,

1. Create an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account is free of cost; it takes just a few minutes to finish the process. First, you must download the Instagram app from the Google play store and then open it. Next, sign in with your email address and get a verification code for your phone number. Now you will receive a page with a username and password. Set it out, and then you can directly connect with your friends or family on Instagram. Hurray! Now you can start blogging!

2. Choose Your Niche

Blogging can be done under different niches. The various niches include travel, lifestyle, business, etc., So if you are a brand, you must maintain professionalism in your posts. Once your niche is selected, stick to it and try to create your posts using different features. Moreover, your niche is the baseline on which you shall improve further.

3. Create a Captivating Bio

The next most important thing to notice is the Instagram bio. A bio includes an attractive profile picture, username, exciting descriptions, etc. It also provides contact information, etc. Bio is more like a visiting card to the brands. Only with the Bio would the audience decide whether to follow the account. So it is essential to stay focused on building a bio. Even you can drive the audience’s attention by using Inzfy and reap better results.

4. Use Attractive Images

Blogging doesn’t stop with conveying the best messages to the audience. It also includes visual elements. So design and images also play a significant role in promoting your blogging activity on Instagram. Apart from that, if you have a blog on your website, you can enable it using Instagram posts. So it is essential to maintain the aesthetics of your grids. For example, when a user opens her Instagram account, they should know it is a blog. So choose the templates that align with your blogging goals.

5. Have Attractive Captions

The caption characters are around 2200. Moreover, the captions can be brief. It should be thought-provoking and make the audience follow your Instagram account. In more action, your blog post on Instagram should make the viewers purchase your brand products. In captions, more importance should be provided to the first line alone. So blog creators should choose wisely the words for the captions.

7. Use Relevant Hashtags

As you all know, hashtags are the ones that boost discoverability. So based on your niche, you shall include the hashtags. Please use a mix of hashtags. For example, 30 hashtags with regular posts, always know the hashtag limit for the captions. Using perfect hashtags, even the non-followers will find your content.

8. Geotag Your Posts

Geotagging is nothing but including the geographical location of your posts. Is it essential to include the location on your blog? If you have it, then bloggers shall grow their audience on Instagram. For example, if you are a business blogger, then to get connected with the local community, it is essential to geotag your posts.

9. Interact With Other Instagram Users

The main goal of using Instagram is to interact with the audience and other users. So if you want to make a great blog, you must interact with other users to get a broader knowledge about your niches. Therefore, you should like, comment, and follow other users’ posts to promote your blog posts.

10. Schedule Your Blog Content

There should be a particular frequency in posting your blog content. So it is essential to schedule your blog content. You can even create a content calendar and then check with the post updates. Maintaining a schedule will make it easy to check out the metrics. For example, if you are a brand planning to earn the audience’s trust, you should use Inzfy and upgrade your profile reach.

11. Utilize Instagram Ads

If you need to drive more traffic to your blog, try using Instagram ads. Will that blog promotion be done through ads? Yes, of course! You can customize your ads and have an excellent conversion to your Instagram posts. However, for Instagram ads, you have to spend dollars for the promotion.

To Sum It Up

Once you start to implement the above tips, then over some time, you shall have significant growth in the business. Of course, it takes time to become the best on the platform, but do not lose out on your efforts. If you have an email list, you shall share the Instagram blog post and make your online presence. Even it is possible to monetize using Instagram blogs. We hope you liked the article. Thanks for reading!

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