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MTN nigeria Targets Businesses with New Premium Wi-Fi

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The Premium Wi-Fi deployment is focused on providing a greater user experience while utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

There is a new Premium Wi-Fi service that will provide businesses in Nigeria with high-speed Internet connectivity and enhanced coverage by connecting market-optimized wireless devices.

MTN, Nigeria’s biggest mobile operator, launched Premium Wi-Fi in conjunction with Huawei, a Chinese equipment manufacturer, to ensure that companies have the greatest in-home wireless Internet experience available.

The move is also part of an ongoing effort to improve end-user experience on the network.

Premium Wi-Fi can replay the performance of home wireless networks from the previous seven days. It demarcates defects based on segmented speed testing and detects major difficulties with a single click, allowing for cloud-based problem resolution.

MTN Nigeria’s self-troubleshooting tool on a mobile app allows home internet users to handle specific network problems on their own, making managing all broadband performance much easier.

According to Mohammed Rufai, MTN Nigeria’s Chief Technical Officer, the Premium Wi-Fi deployment is focused on providing a superior customer experience using advanced technologies.

With the number of smart home gadgets growing by the day and limitless new sorts of services being developed for them, improved home network quality is required. Given that the majority of the apps will be youth-oriented video clips and online games, a lot of management will be required.

“For MTN Nigeria, home network experience has become a critical area in increasing network quality,” Rufai stated.

“We want to solve problems such as Wi-Fi interference, coordination between home network terminals, and Wi-Fi coverage which occurs frequently and leads to a large proportion of user complaints.”

MTN Group teamed with Huawei to establish the Autonomous Driving Network project in order to improve customer experience.

This introduces the home network manager to innovative new techniques like target architecture design, autonomous level evaluation, and high-value autonomous network use cases.

“We can proactively identify and precisely find trouble locations on home networks with this.” “It will help us enhance O&M efficiency and reduce customer complaints,” MTN Group senior engineer Daniel Smith said.

“MTN and Huawei will implement further breakthroughs in network automation and intelligence in the future and quickly put them on the live network,” says the statement.

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