Web3 Business Grant Program for Web3 Startups ($10M Grants)

A multi-million initiative designed to enable companies to build Web3 payment systems with ease, eliminating the complexities of development.

Fuse has created a tailored ecosystem and infrastructure to meet businesses’ specific needs, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. We provide grants to advance Web3 projects, drive mainstream adoption, and simplify non-custodial consumer fintech application launches for businesses.

Deliver a seamless payment experience using our stablecoin-focused payment system. We handle the complexities of blockchain, offering fast, cost-effective, and global transactions. Avoid vendor lock-in with our open-source API/SDKs and standard EVM blockchain environment.

Who Should Apply?

Businesses seeking to establish consumer clubs and loyalty programs with a strategic aim to enhance user acquisition strategies by tapping into Web3 communities.

Fintechs looking to implement non-custodial mobile solutions and reduce payment volatility.

CEXs looking for a non-custodial wallet solution.

Web3 startups looking for a resilient EMV-compatible network that can offer gas fee sponsorship.

Business apps looking to build branded stablecoins and boost brand visibility.

Local payment solutions looking to expand globally.

Why Should you Apply?

Aside from the potential of monetary support, you stand to benefit from:

Technical mentorship

Our dev team will assist you in integrating the best infrastructure and fuse SDK to match your needs.

Marketing support
If selected,  you will benefit from exposure to our community, benefit from marketing assistance by our department

Robust infrastructure

Unparalleled advantages and benefits for your business

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Deadline for application: Unspecified

Apply Now

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