Is Your YouWIN! Concept/Idea Good Enough to WIN- Part1

YOUWIN! Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria

How good is your YouWIN business concept? Is it good enough to win?

This is first part of my YouWIN advices and tips and this part1 one is focused on YouWIN major objective which is jobs generation.

I have to ask this question because questions many people consult me and when I look at their business plan I know it would never win. Yesterday, someone call me to help her in her quest to winning YouWIN4 business plan competition and I asked her what is her concept is all about, she said boutique. I asked her how many people are you going to employ, she said 2 people only in 12 months. 2 people in 12 months in YouWIN4 where the programme is getting more competitive and more innovative business ideas are presented with ability to generate sustainable? My answer to her was that she needs to look at the main objectives of YouWIN programme which is to generate 80,000 to 110,000 jobs within three years period. That target has not been met and the programme has been reengineered to produce better business concept to reduce the rate of failure and good sign of sustainability and growth.

YouWIN is looking at business concept that can create employment. Business idea that is innovative and scalable is what they are looking for. So if your business plan cannot generate sustainable jobs, YouWIN would look out for another business concept that can create sustainable jobs.


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That is why in the last 3 edition, the sectors that have emerged top are agric, manufacturing, production and ICT. Agriculture tops the list because of its capacity to generate massive employment followed by Manufacturing.

Another mistake a lot of applicants make is that they over hype their job target to impress YouWIN!. If you are to employ 5 people in 12 months, I don’t think you should say 15 people. Don’t forget your concept is reviewed by someone that is well grounded in the field and the person knows when you hype and you are not honest with your analysis.

Every investor wants to work with an entrepreneur that knows that he/she knows his/her onion and not an entrepreneur that is clueless. Please don’t show to them that you are clueless and jeopardize your chances of winning.

I will stop here for now. Please watch for part2 of “Is Your YouWIN! Concept/Idea Good Enough to WIN”. The part one of this business series is focused on major objective which is jobs creation.


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