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5 Clear-Cut Benefits of Working With Managed IT Services

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Managed services are becoming more popular among small- to large-sized businesses. Before we explain the benefits of managed IT services, let’s look at a few statistics that show why they’re important.

·         Downtime can cost a business over $5000 per minute

·         More than a third of companies’ IT budgets have increased since the pandemic began

·         Over 140,000 drives crash per week in the United States

·         More than half of companies that suffer a significant loss of data will go out of business within six months

These are a few of the many reasons to work with a managed services provider. If you’re looking for managed IT services, these benefits may help during the decision-making process.

Better Control of IT Costs

Managed service providers typically work on a subscription model, making these services an operating expense instead of a capital expense. For some businesses, this will ensure their spending is predictable, with low start-up costs and no hidden costs. The cost of a managed IT subscription depends on the services used and how many people use them. There are many managed it services omaha that offer IT solutions that are customized to fit the needs of businesses.

Lower Labor Expenses

The hiring and training of IT team members is an expensive and time-consuming process, and it doesn’t always yield the desired result. With managed services, however, companies can outsource their IT operations to providers with enough personnel to get the job done. Not only will companies save on IT costs, but they will also be able to direct human resources where they’re needed most.

Better IT Security

Those responsible for security and network management know that networks are under constant attack. Unless systems are put in place to deal with new issues, these threats will infiltrate corporate networks and cause extensive damage. A simple way to decrease the risk is to work with a managed IT service provider or splunk solutions provider to manage threats remotely and safeguard your business from imminent losses. Providers keep companies secure by:

·         Keeping malware out of networks

·         Preventing hackers from damaging important systems and stealing sensitive information

·         Finding and solving misconfiguration problems

·         Closing security gaps

How do we do it all? We protect clients’ companies through 24/7 monitoring, antivirus updates, intrusion detection and prevention, and other cybersecurity services.

For a low monthly cost, our solutions ensure comprehensive network protection, including protection from mutating malware, hidden vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior, and web attacks.

IT Operations Are Managed by Trained Professionals

Most company owners and managers lack the experience and skills to manage IT operations, which means they can benefit from outsourced IT. Providers have trained, qualified, certified, and experienced experts who can manage companies’ IT operations cost-effectively and efficiently.

Quick Implementation of New Technology

To make the most of new technology, companies must find the right people, train them, and give them the resources and support they need. The process is time-consuming, to say the least, and it’s also expensive. Because they have all the right resources, managed services providers can help companies implement new tech quickly—which helps them save money and time.

Managed IT Services Help Companies Focus on Core Competencies

The ability to remain focused on business matters is one of the biggest benefits of outsourced IT operations. Handing these tasks over to a managed services provider eliminates distractions, allowing managers to focus on their core competencies.

At GSDSolutions, we go beyond IT management to ensure that clients get all the advantages of managed services. We will help companies plan IT strategies and adapt to new situations as they arise. With our help, it’s possible to boost productivity, decrease risks, and maximize a company’s IT investment.

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