Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program ($200K Funding)

The Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is a two-month, cost-covered training program that gives a small cohort of talented people from all over the world everything they need to launch a field-leading charity:

  • An evidence-based and cost-effective intervention idea
  • The necessary training
  • Co-founder matching
  • A well-connected and collaborative community
  • Seed funding to get started

What You’ll learn:

  • Evaluation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Operation skills
  • Hands on skills

Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation:Funding

Receive a seed grant of up to $200,000 USD to launch your high-impact nonprofit at record speed.

At the end of the Incubation Program, founders pitch their charities to our seed network. Since the first Incubation Program in 2019, over 80% of proposed charity interventions have received seed funding to kick-start their first year of operations. These commitments are made within a week of graduating from the program.

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How To Apply

Deadline for application is 30th September 2023

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