How To Start Amazon Kdp for Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

Amazon KDP for Beginners: is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to turn your passion for writing into a lucrative income stream, we’ll walk you through the required steps to navigate the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Read till the end to get all the necessary information you need to start and succeed.

What is Amazon kdp

Amazon kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to independently publish and sell their books in digital (Kindle) and print formats (paperback and hardcover) on Amazon marketplace

Amazon make it easy for independent authors to make money online by uploading their original books and helping them to reach global audience of buyers

The good thing is that as a publisher, you will have control over the publishing process, from manuscript, cover design to pricing. There are different royalty options to help you earn income according to your book sales.

It provides a user-friendly interface and tools to help authors manage and promote their books effectively on the Amazon marketplace.

Is Amazon kdp still Profitable

Yes Amazon kdp is still a profitable platform for book authors and you can make a minimum of $1,000 every month but your success depends on your efforts, dedication, patience and marketing.

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How to start Amazon kdp for Beginners

Here’s a step by step guide to start and make money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

Sign up and Create account:

Visit KDP website and sign up with your Amazon account or create a new one.

Decide on a Book Format:

  • Ebooks (Kindle): Reach a vast audience with digital copies accessible on various devices.
  • Print Books (Paperback & Hardcover): Offer a traditional book experience for readers who prefer physical copies.

Prepare your Book

  • Write and Edit your book: Make sure your book is properly-written, focus on your audience and avoid errors. You can hire a professional to handle your editing and proofreading if the need arises.
  • Book Cover Design: if your book cover is boring, you will lose a lot of sales while a visually appealing cover will wow your readers and increase sales. Use a tool like Canva to design an attractive cover or hire a professional graphic designer.

Publish Your Book

  • Upload on KDP: Your dashboard is where you will upload the manuscript and book cover.
  • Provide Book Details: Ensure important information including the title, author name, description, keywords, and pricing are provided.
  • Preview: Before you hit the Publish button, Ensure your formatting appears functional across various devices by using the Amazon KDP previewer.

Pricing and Royalties:

  • Ebooks (Kindle):
    • Royalty Options: Choose between 35% and 70% royalty on the list price, excluding VAT.
    • 70% Royalty: Applies to sales in eligible territories (generally major markets like US, UK, Canada, etc.) and requires your list price to be at least $2.99 (USD) or equivalent in other currencies.
    • 35% Royalty: Applies to sales in non-eligible territories or when your list price falls below the threshold for the 70% option.
  • Print Books (Paperback & Hardcover):
    • 60% Royalty: Fixed royalty on the list price, minus printing costs.
    • Minimum List Price: Determined by printing costs to ensure you earn enough to cover them.
    • Expanded Distribution: Opt-in for wider distribution, but royalty reduces to 40% minus printing costs.

Additional factors affecting royalties:

  • Delivery costs: KDP deducts a small delivery cost per book sold for ebooks.


  • Use the KDP Pricing Calculator to estimate your potential royalties for different pricing options.
  • Consider your target audience, genre, and market research when setting your book’s price.

Invest in Marketing

Utilize various marketing strategies to promote your book, such as social media, book promotions, and author websites.


Embarking on your self-publishing journey with Amazon KDP can be an exciting and empowering experience. Remember, success in self-publishing requires dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to refining your craft. By following these insights and leveraging the resources available on KDP, you can effectively navigate the publishing process, reach your target audience, and potentially turn your passion for writing into a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor.

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