Easybuy Loan Review: Get Your Dream Phone Fast and Easy

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If you’re trying to get new smartphone in order to afford that digital lifestyle you so much desire, then with Easybuy Loan, you can get your dream phone fast and easy. If you want to learn more, then read this Easybuy Loan Review till the end.

What is Easybuy Loan and how it works

Easybuy is a phone financing service that allow you to buy a new mobile phone with an initial amount and pay the balance later

It is a Buy Now and Pay Later service for smartphones which is the first of it kind in Nigeria

Unique Features

  • Easy application and fast Approval: To Apply for Easybuy Loan is very easy using their app and approval is often instant only if you meet the requirements
  • Low interest rate: They have a single digit interest rate
  • flexible Repayment: You can spread the balance for up to six months
  • First of it kind in Nigeria: Easybuy is the first phone financing company in Nigeria

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What Is Easybuy Loan Interest Rate?

Easybuy loan interest rate depends on the repayment plan you chose. The repayment plan on Easybuy is usually between 6% and 9% per month.

You pay 9% for the 3 months repayment plan and 6% for the 6 months repayment plan.

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