Search Engine Ranking and Importance of Images SEO

Search Engine Ranking and Importance of Images SEO

Images are the most essential content that describes the purpose of a website. Try to use the right format of images to increase the user’s understanding. It also increases the positive user experience of your website. PNG is only a portable raster image file format specially designed to transfer images without losing the quality of the images.

However, sharing PNG image files can be difficult as these images are going to occupy a lot of space on cloud computing devices. PNG to PDF Converter is a simple solution to our problem, as it is a simple drag-and-drop tool. Save PNG as PDF files, as it is necessary and reduces the size of the images.

What is Image SEO?

What is Image SEO

When users are going to see the best-quality of the images,. They are going to share the images on social media. For better quality of the images, turn PNG into PDF to improve the user experience while sharing them.

For example, if you are selling clothes online, then users are going to purchase clothes that look best in images.

Online PNG to PDF converters ensure the best quality of images while sharing these images.  Better quality images are necessary for SERP on web browsers.

Images and Their Impact

Images have a better impact rate compared to text-based messages and content. Image-based content has a higher intensity and impact compared to written text, especially in social media marketing. Most of the web images are usually in WebP or PNG format. It is better to convert images into PDF format before sharing them on social media. The online PNG to PDF converter makes it possible to readily convert PNG images into PDF format.

Quality images are necessary for the following purposes:.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SERP Ranking of the Website
  • Email Marketing

Image and Earned Media

It’s ideal to consider a PNG regular raster transparent image file to make your website platform independent. Moreover, PNG to PDF Converter assists a brand in distributing images on various forums without losing their quality.. When a user is sharing your tagged images on various forums. It means these users are also marketing your brand. This means more organic traffic, your website receives and is beneficial for increasing your revenues. The SEO managers are also behind in increasing the organic traffic on their websites. Users coming by their own choice, are usually more willing to purchase your product and service.

  • Images are critical for ranking a website in the SERP ranking.
  • It is necessary to produce images in perfect file format according to user requirement
  • The website has images in the correct format providing an edge over competitive brands’ websites.
  • It also increases the SERP of the website as images are easily downloadable


Images are critical for social media marketing and the SERP ranking of the website. Websites with attractive images are usually easy to understand. The main reason is that images have better intensity and interaction than written material.

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