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Hungry for Change? Win N5 Million and Innovate Agriculture with the FMN Prize

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Nigeria’s food system faces numerous challenges, from climate change and drought to inefficient farming practices and post-harvest losses. To address these issues and ensure food security for its growing population, the Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) Group has launched the third edition of its FMN Prize for Innovation.

A Platform for Ingenuity

The FMN Prize for Innovation is a platform for Nigerian innovators, students, and entrepreneurs to develop creative solutions to these challenges. This year’s theme is “Driving Food Self-Sufficiency in Nigeria Through Precision Agriculture.”

“We believe that innovation is key to transforming Nigeria’s food system,” says Boye Olusakin, Group Managing Director of FMN. “The FMN Prize for Innovation is our way of supporting and empowering Nigerian ingenuity to find sustainable solutions to our food security challenges.”

N5 Million in Prizes Up for Grabs

The competition is open to Nigerian residents aged 18 and above. Participants can submit their entries in the form of a 60-second video and a short presentation outlining their innovative solution.

Prizes include:

  • First place: N5 million
  • Second place: N3 million
  • Third place: N2 million

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and innovation of the idea
  • Feasibility and scalability of the solution
  • Potential impact on food security in Nigeria
  • Clarity and persuasiveness of the presentation

How to Apply

The application deadline for the FMN Prize for Innovation is February 15, 2024. To apply, visit the prize website at

The FMN Prize for Innovation is a unique opportunity for Nigerian innovators to make a real difference in their country. If you have an idea that could help improve Nigeria’s food security, we encourage you to apply.

Together, we can create a more sustainable and food-secure future for Nigeria.

If you have any questions, please comment below or use the contact page to reach out to me.

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