From Maggots to Millions!! Get Trained to make Millions of Dollars Farming Maggots

Do you think of millions of dollars when you see maggots? Yes, maggots, those ugly looking insect that may make you want to vomit.

Few entrepreneurs in Africa are tapping into this multi-million-dollar idea. This article will show why it’s a multi-million-dollar idea and  how you can get trained in maggot farming.

Maggots or larva metamorphose from flies. The fly of this larva are from black soldier fly. The Black soldier fly (BSF) is a harmless fly and does not transmit disease unlike the house fly.

The high cost of animal feed is a major challenge for farmers. Research has shown that maggot meal of black soldier fly can be an excellent replacement for fishmeal or soybeans meal which are the main ingredient in animal feed. Maggot meal can be blended with other feed ingredient and use to feed fish, poultry birds, pigs, guinea fowl and other animals.

Apart from its good taste, maggots are very nutritious and rich in proteins, a vital element in every animal feed. Proteins are important because they are a critical component in developing muscles in these animals which eventually become the meat that we humans eat.

How is maggot/larva meal from black soldier fly (BSF) produced? Female flies lays about  500 eggs close to a suitable feed source and the eggs develops into larvae (i.e. maggots).The larva grows while feeding voraciously on any agricultural bye product. The larva is harvested after few days, dried and sold as an affordable, protein rich larva meal for farmers of fish, poultry and pig.

There is no way an insect producer can meet up with the high demand of maggots. A 25kg bag of poultry feed cost N3800 or more. Think of producing 10 to 15 bags for a start, even if you sell as low as N2300 per bag knowing that your cost of production is low, you are heading to becoming a millionaire gradually in little time.

There are few businesses producing maggot meal in Africa; the most popular one is Agriprotein in South Africa. A well-established maggot farm in Nigeria is training and mentoring entrepreneurs interested in starting a maggot farm. Do you want to be trained or learn all the skills needed to start and grow a black soldier fly maggot farming business? Training includes both online and offline/practical classes. Kindly send a mail to daily.fresh.farms or send a WhatsApp message to +2348037696147 for more details on this. Thank you.

Promoter: Femi Adenekan

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  1. Aderonke Bamidele

    Thank you for the good news on possibility of being trained in Maggot Farming. I’ve sent an SMS to the 0803 no. Kindly respond. Thank you

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