How to Get started with 9Mobile morebusiness 2.0 Package

How to Get Started with 9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Package

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The 9mobile morebusiness 2,0 is a prepaid business package specially designed to cater for Small and medium enterprises. When you subscribe to morebusiness plan, you will enjoy flexible and affordable voice and data bundles. perfect for your kind of enterprise

It is designed to make it easy to run your business by having access to cheap data and voice bundles and it is available for both new and existing subscribers

Benefits of 9mobile Morebusiness 2.0

  • Bundled plans

voice & data bundles offer you the flexibility and power to customise your plans by selecting from an array of add on services currently existing on the 9mobile network.

extra cost saving tariff within bundle

  • Unlimited add-ons

add-on solutions e.g. insurance plan, CUG, chat pack, international call bundle 

free add-ons: 5 business tips, 20 SMS, zero-rated access to SME arena website. 

  • Free incoming calls when roaming

enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 10 countries when you recharge  ₦5,000 and above within a month.

How to Get started with 9Mobile morebusiness 2.0 Package

Important Codes you should know

Migration to the morebusiness combo pack is free and you can optout at any time

To check your balance dial *232#

To check your data balance dial *228#

how to subscribe with migration codes

Check below for details about pricing and tariff options

  • 70min + 750MB
  • ₦1000 bundle cost
  • *246*4*24# activation
  • 30 days validity

Morebusiness 2000

  • 150mins + 1.5GB
  • ₦2000 bundle cost
  • *246*4*21# activation
  • 30 days validity

Morebusiness 5000

  • 300mins + 5GB
  • ₦5,000 bundle cost
  • *246*4*22# activation
  • 30 days validity

Morebusiness 10000

  • 650mins + 10GB
  • ₦10,000 bundle cost
  • *246*4*23# activation
  • 30 days validity

In Conclusion

The morebusiness 2.0 combo pack is a fantastic product offering from 9mobile and if you are a small business owner, this is one offer you should take advantage of for cheap data and voice bundles.

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