How To Start A Crayfish Business in Nigeria

How To Start A Crayfish Business in Nigeria (2024)

Do you need a profitable business idea in order to make money? Then you should consider starting A Crayfish Business in Nigeria, this is a popular seafood that enjoys high demand and you can make a minimum of 100,000 naira per month selling to interested buyers.

This blog post will show you everything you need to know to start your own lucrative crayfish business.

Is Crayfish Business in Nigeria Profitable?

Yes, crayfish trading is a highly lucrative business venture due to the stable high demand for it

This food item is used in cooking to add delicious taste to meals mostly in homes, hotels and restaurants, this shows there’s an existing market waiting to buy from you.

How much can you make from Crayfish Trading

The current price for a bag of crayfish is N22,000, each bag contains 7 paint rubbers and half while a paint rubber cost N5,000

Now let’s do the math:

Your profit from each bag is 15,500 and let’s assume you’re able to sell only 10 bags every month, that means 15,500 x 10 = 155,000

You will be making 155,000 in profit every month

please don’t sleep on this, the time to start is now.

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What is the startup cost?

There’s no fixed cost to get started, but you should have at least N50,000, this will be enough to purchase one crayfish bag, takes care of warebill and other unexpected cost.

Best place to buy from

Oron is located in Akwa Ibom state, this is the best place to buy clean, delicious and dried crayfish directly from farmers

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How To Start a profitable crayfish Business in Nigeria

Study the Market

The first step is to conduct a market research, this will let you know who your target market is, their challenges, Market trends and much more

Develop a business plan: 

Outline your goals, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

Secure Capital: 

Determine your startup costs and explore funding options like personal savings, loans, or grants.

Find Reliable suppliers & Source Qualify Crayfish:

Establish reliable relationships with crayfish suppliers or consider sourcing directly from fishermen. Quality is key in the crayfish business, so ensure your supply chain meets the required standards.


Starting a profitable crayfish business in Nigeria requires careful planning and execution. By understanding the market, sourcing quality crayfish, adhering to regulations, and implementing effective marketing strategies, you can establish a successful venture.

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